Build dream meanings

General Meanings:

The dream of building stands for the plans which give us efforts to build and expand your life.

  • The symbol of building assessed favorably, particularly the construction of a house is a sign of future planning.
  • To build something cute and small in the dream, denotes that you will deal with your problems quickly.
  • The building grows aimlessly up and up, then you problems will grow and grow.
  • To build a bridge, this is very positive sign that you may expect that difficulties will be overcome.
  • The building collapses or decides remove, this dream symbol warns against the failures, you have to reconsider your plans critically and change if necessary.

Psychological Meanings:

Be ready to plan and to create The symbol of the building site or construction is understood as your own body – personal identity. Anyone who builds something in the dream wants to move forward in his waking life. The action of building also gives difficulties, so it also is not so easy to create your own life without any difficulties. That’s why we have to start from the beginning, we have to plan first of all what we want and only then we can start “building”.

Spiritual Meanings:

The construction of building symbolizes development and expansion of life.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Success if built construction – In the dream you are building a construction, then this dream signifies that all your plans will be successful;
  • Happiness if build a house – When you are building a house in your dream, then this dream announces you a rapid progress in your life and success in family life;
  • Joy if help in building your own house – Very positive and wonderful dream meaning, this will bring you happiness and prosperity;
  • Some problems if pay for a building – In the dream you pay somebody for the building your house, then this indicates that your plans will not end well as you hope;
  • Worries if see a dilapidated building – This dream goes as a warning that all recently-made plans and decisions will bring damage or loss;
  • Failure if see the collapse of a building – Very negative dream symbol which indicates big misfortune at work or in family.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • No success if build large tower – The dream denotes that your plans will never be able to perform;
  • Extra money if build a stable – When you are building a stable in your dream, then this is good sign that soon you will get  abundant merit;
  • Success if build tall buildings – Wonderful dream symbol which marks that your hopes will exceed all limits because you have grand schemes how to reach this;
  • Modesty if build small buildings – You build small buildings in your dream, then this shows your modesty in all things, you have to be braver.

* Please, see meaning of construction, builder, bridge building.

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