Bulldozer dream meanings


Fundamental change.


For what kind of fundamental changes do I have to prepare myself?

Psychological Meanings:

Bulldozer is a symbol of foreign force “is something out of the way.” When the dreamer often dreams of bulldozer, then this dream shows that the dreamer wish for power and strength, but he does not prefer to dirty his own hands.

* Please, see meaning of excavator.

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  1. I had a dream last night about:
    An Whole Apartment Eviction, At A Former Apartment I Lived At, In Lawrence, Kansas, A Few Years Ago.
    I Went Back, And The Whole Apartment Complex, Was Abandoned, And Falling In, On Itself, And It Was So Sad.
    I Was Crying In The Dream, Because I Really Wanted To Stay At Eagle Ridges Apartments, In Lawrence, Kansas, But Felt I Had To Move Away, Because I Could Not Handle My Contstant Bad Anxiety, Mostly Because Of The Trouble Making Robles, Who Went Around Bothering Every Person, At Eagle Ridges Apartments, Including Me, And Yet, The Trouble Making Robles, Are Still Living There, At Eagle Ridges Apartments, Even Though They Are Trouble Makers, Last I Heard, From A friend I used To know There, In Lawrence, Kansas, or whatever.
    The Apartments Were Bull Dozed, And That, Was That, For Eagle Ridges Apartments, In The Dream, Anyways, Or whatever.
    also: There Were Some Really Run Down Abandoned Trailers, Behind Eagle Ridges Apartments, In The Dream, Or whatever.
    So Sad, When Places Get Run Down, And Abandoned. that’s the Only Dream, I Can Really Remember, From Last Night, Which Was A Really Weird Night, Here In Texas! Just Totally Strange Here, Last Night, Here In Texas, Or whatever.

  2. I was playing witha freinds around at the groun,,suddenly bulldozer came nd went over me and i was like standing at its edge proudly,,nd jumping back to the ground easily nd safely,,that happened for like 3 times,,i was smiling nd jumping back to the ground having a safe landing with a smile on the face