Burn / Combustion dream meanings

General Meanings:

Consequence and experience Burn/Combustion often signifies that you have burnt yourself by a rash or mindless behavior this is called ” burn the fingers “. When some kind of object is burnt, then this dream suggests that you should process an experience, because you will lose its influence. Also it is very important what kind of object was burnt, only then you can make clearer interpretation of the dream.

Psychological Meanings:

Desire to burn “bad things” The thing that is burned in the dream (pay attention to the appropriate symbols) signifies that you want to erase this from your real life. You may want to get rid of bad influence or wrong people around you or even your own bad behavior.

Think what you speak If you burn yourself only a small part of the body, this may show that you have to keep your mouth shut because your words may hurt others. Because thoughtless words may insult others and may damage your reputation.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Do not condemn if see something burning – In the dream you see others burning:, this dream marks that you should not condemn your fellowmen;
  • Worries if burn yourself – This dream is a signal that you may experience a disaster by immodesty. You have to be very attentive what you say or do;
  • Be attentive if be burnt by someone – This dream marks that you are very helpful and sensitive person your heart is full of love. This means that someone may use you  for their purposes;
  • Separation if something is burning – Something is burning in your dream, then this dream brings you strife and subsequent separation. It is time to clean up thoroughly a stressful thing.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Warning if see something burning – This dream is a sign that you will suffer from great pain. Also this dream is a warning against reckless promises and shady business deals, they may bring you lots of damage;
  • Harm if suffer from a combustion – In the dream you suffer from a combustion, this shows that you will deal with risky ventures which have an extremely harmful effect for you or your family;
  • Love if be burned – You are burned in the dream, this announces that you will have hot and passionate love;
  • Losses if suffer pain – You suffer pain because of burn in the dream, this denotes that you will suffer from serious financial losses.

* Please, see meaning of flash, burn, fire.

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  1. Dream of a tree with several birds nest with young birds b
    eing fed on the right limb of the tree, but on the other side of the tree there is a big nest with young birds and all of a sudden the nest with the young birds caught fire and started to burn.