Bus dream meanings


Common journey, mass of transport.


What relation exists between my individual power and the mass consciousness?

General Meanings:

Belonging to the group and dealing with the commitments Staying at a bus shows that the dreamer deals with group of relations and considers how he wants to deal with his fellow in the future. Perhaps the dreamer feels the urge to be with them, although he belongs to a group and fights with their commitments.

Psychological Meanings:

Changes and movement toward As in the real world: rapid progress in the community. Sometimes a dream assistance for people who only strive in vain to reach a goal. Besides, like all vehicles it is the symbol of changes, change of location and departure. Who often dreams the trip with bus, has to try to remember the state of the bus and the passengers – here it is the actual meaning of the dream that can be deciphered.

Spiritual Meanings:

On the spiritual level the bus stands for the all-embracing property.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Moving forward if drive a bus in a dream – You are driving the bus in your dream, this signifies about slow and moderate progress with your plans and objectives. It is a positive dream because it shows that you are moving toward your plans;
  • Success if full of people – You are standing in the bus and it is full of people, denotes that the competition with others will bring you success, because you will show really high knowledge;
  • Wrong way if wrong bus – In the dream you are in the wrong bus, this shows that you have taken the wrong way in your life. You have to stop and consider.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Escape if get off – In the dream you get off the bus, this means that you want to escape from group of people, which is not acceptable to you.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • New start if get on – In the dream you get on the bus, this shows that you have joined the new group, where you can show all your abilities and the desire to reach the goals.

* Please, see meaning of travel.

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  1. I dreamt I quickly enter a bus to escape from people that are not really chasing me I got to know later that the bus is going to another destination. although I know the place but I wasn’t going there. initially the driver threatened not to drop me but the bus just slowed down and I get off it

  2. i keep having a dream that im riding a bus. i know that in reality i ride the bus every day to school. But im really starting to wonder why i keep dreaming of myself riding a bus. is it good, or maybe bad? what ever it is i hope i get a better understanding.

  3. i m tavelling on bus nsmile with my fellow passenger who is unknown n at my i came out of bus seeing the bus staircase after that i talk to someone who is unknown talking about some type of poster that girl is bargaging with me