Butter dream meanings


Richness, flavor.


When I will have a reward?

General Meanings:

  • You dream of butter then this dream signifies that you need for more love, affection and sexual relations.
  • To consume the butter in the dream as the ancient dream book explains this dream promises you good health.
  • Also the butter as a dream symbol has a meaning of excessive self-interest or flattery of others.(You have to be aware of them)
  • When you serve butter in the dream, then you may expect wonderful life and happiness in your family.
  • To spread butter on the bread in the dream, then such a dream announces you success through your own energy.
  • In the dream you are watching the churning of butter, then this means that you can easily be pushed by others.

Psychological Meanings:

Happy life Butter as a dream symbol stands for the “small fortune” – “everything is very slippery.” When you are a honorable person in your real life then everything goes easily without much efforts.

Mediocrity But when you act and reach your desires too slippery and hypocritical then this dream indicates that you will not have desirable things only average.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Worry if eat butter – This dream can show that the dreamer has a worry about a sexual orientation;
  • Wealth if fresh butter – Fresh butter in the dream indicates good year and prosperity;
  • Hard work if rancid butter – When the taste of butter is rancid then this mean libel. Also this dream marks that you will have hard manual labor;
  • Good sign if eat fresh butter – When you eat fresh butter in your dream, then this dream announces good health, also this marks that you will be blessed with the management and knowledge;
  • Need for love if make butter – To dream of making butter indicates that you are longing for affection. Also you may expect a cash donation;
  • Joy if spread butter on bread – You spread butter on the bread in your dream, then you will have happiness and success in your life;
  • Weddings if have butter –  For single people the dream of butter will bring early engagement or marriage;
  • Anger if artificial butter – The butter is artificial then this dream denotes that in near future you will meet anger, envy or illness;
  • Satisfaction if sell butter – You are selling butter in the dream, then this dream signifies that with little efforts you will become satisfied.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • No friends if have butter – The dream of butter marks that you ignore your friends and enjoy your life by your own;
  • good future if buy butter – When you buy butter in the dream, then this dream shows that you are thinking about your future and finally you will be safe.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Controversy if eat butter – To dream of eating butter then this is a sign of quarrel with friends and discord;
  • Happy life if make or propose butter – When you make or propose butter in your dream, then this dream announces a happy and a comfortable life without unexpected events;
  • Wasting money if buy butter – To buy butter in the dream marks that you tend to waste money irresponsible without thinking about future;
  • Suspicion if rancid smell – When the butter has rancid smell then the meaning of a dream marks that you have suspicion and this proves to be true;
  • Warning if eating rancid – To dream of eating rancid butter, then this dream goes as a warning that you will have worries with family members or friends.

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  1. I had a lovely butter dream, a little girl was passing around a platter of toast to everyone including me I smeared on bad butter there was two clumps of butter on the toast I asked for more but then realised I could spread the butter that I had already put on on the toast. And said oh I dont really need anymore but it was totally my choice i could have as much as i wanted she giggled in an innocent way and handed out the toast and butter to everyone. I appreciate the guidance that these dream dictionaries give us However realise that all the symbols have different meanings to different people If you read something in the dream dictionary a lightbulb goes on for then that’s right for you

  2. My friend who was sick was smearing butter on his bread but the butter had cob web over it so he took off the cob web and then with a knife smeared it on the bread while we were playing a game that looks like a maze. After, we were standing atop a cherry tree and he was picking cherries putting in my hand but then he gave me some seeds in a plastic bag and I started picking my own cherries