Cannibalism dream meanings


Fear of integration; part of the self that is unusual and unrecognizable.


Which part of me is consumed?

General Meanings:

The dream of cannibalism is mostly defined as inappropriate and rude behavior. The symbol of cannibalism in dreams was already known in early Babylonian and Assyrian dream books and it was explained as wealth for him the the one who eats the meat with him. According to Freud, the cannibalism as a symbol represents the affections of sadism, which sometimes might be true.

Closer relation Generally, the dream indicates that the dreamer wish to have closer relationships with the one he was eating. It is not necessarily have to be the love relationships it could be a friendship that he wish to be closer than it is at the moment.

Desire to get rid something and the need to survive If the one that is cannibal in his dream feels disgusted and horrified by his own actions, then it could simply show the rejection of inappropriate food or wrong actions he is doing. The dreamer has some of the personality aspects which he wish he could get rid of. In a dream, to eat the flesh of the human may also show his desire to eliminate the enemy or the competitor out of his life. Consider, that the dream might also show the human instincts to survive, which means that when the food is needed, it has to be provided in any way.

Psychological Meanings:

Psychologically the person that is a cannibal represents the personality of the possessive, egoistic and selfish person.

Desire to control The dream could also indicate the relationships between two individuals. One of them has very dominant personality and wish to control the other one as much as it is possible. The eating as the process is a proof of wanting to regulate the other individual’s life in all aspects of his performance. Such relationships very often happens between mother and son, when the mother finds it hard to give her son away an/or share him with another woman in his life – lover or wife.

Spiritual Meanings:

On the spiritual level, the symbol of human flesh and the fact of cannibalism is explained as the force to become someone or get rid of something.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

    • The desire to take something in control if you are a cannibal – for a dreamer to be a cannibal signifies his wish to control everything. Alternatively, the dream could show the desire to get rid of the aspects of your personality you do not like;
    • Fear of losing your privacy if you were eaten by a cannibal – if someone was willing to eat you or already started doing so, it shows your apprehension to lose your privacy and individuality.

* Please, see meaning of natives, food.

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  1. I am never going to return to this site here, because I am much different from you all and I know from reading your responses. Here’s the thing, I am weak, I am strong, I am human and so are we all. We may let the teeth rot, or feast on anything for spirit of the hunt. The inner animal calls to us at night. Eyes wide as you see destruction. The jealously of not being there or not seeing enough. Or even satisfaction. Any emotion no matter how bad is normal. They say accept yourself even your flaws. I came here to see if other people had a dream of them eating another person or creature. I am somewhat disappointed. I love the face a person makes when they are about to die, the fear of death, the appearance is priceless! And if I can die a hero or demon it not matter, for it may be fun experience since they may be our only life! So cheers! My fellow fucked up people, no matter if you disagree we are all fucked up in some way. Cheers to you being nice to people! Cheers to the evil people lurking in dark alleys looking for prey! Cheers to all creatures!

  2. I dreamt that I devoured myself. There were two versions of me, the “good me” and the “evil me”. I was the good me and I was scared and I was convinced that in order to get through this situation I needed to become my evil me, as it was stronger. So I ate my evil self to become evil.

  3. I had a dream that I put my own amputated fingers in the oven and when I came back it had suddenly turned into a Hot Pocket and it smelled like ABSOLUTE DEATH. I quickly took it out and threw it down the incinerator. This isn’t really cannabilism but it was gross as hell!

  4. I recently had a dream that terrified me. I can not remember what happened to lead up to this moment but I entered a room to see a man, who I did not recognize, sitting at a table with a baby underneath the table playing. There was one of those fancy metal dome things you would see at a fancy restaraunt where the waiter kept your food. Someone took off the dome and there layed the cooked torso of another baby. The man at the table then proceeds to pick up the baby from under the table and snapped its neck! The man had absolutely no remorse for what he was doing and the baby whose head was completely turned due to the force of the snap let out a little baby coo before I woke up. Please if somebody can interpret this I would really appreciate it for I fear for my sanity.

  5. Hmm, I dreamt this morning about finding a dog eating what looked like frozen meat(supposedly my dog). As I went around the corner, I found a bunch of frozen meat under a child’s bed with child sleeping (again supposedly my child). I was afraid and thoughts of cannibalism and fear of this child (hannibal lector) possibly turning on me and eating me came to mind. Later, we find ourselves (strangers are supposedly related) going to a remote island for a holiday meal and all asking the one child if it is okay. After reading about cannibalism and dreams, I can only surmise that the child is my daughter who is a very picky eater. Lately, I have had to tiptoe around her, because anything I do seems to set her off (teen hormones). We have to check with her if we want to eat out anywhere due to her pickiness. I don’t feel close to her anymore, and we used to be so close when she was little. Dream is still bothering me in the back of my head, but at least I am able to define its meaning. Thank you.

  6. This seriously was my worst nightmare yet. I don’t remember what was really happening at the time but a repair man was over at my family and I’s house and my mom was cooking as usual and I was there helping her. The man was so nice and was laughing with us all but in the back of my mind I already knew what was going happen. We’re big meat eaters and it was going to be our first time eating another human. He asked us what we were making for dinner and what kind of meat we liked. Only my dad would answer as to what we were eating. He had left for a little while and my mom, dad, little brother M and I were all looking through his things and decided what we were going to have. My little brother M was playing on the guys phone and he had came back, but tried to take his phone away from my little brother M and M refused. I didn’t know what do so I just watched. Then the phone broke M got frustrated and pushed him down then all of a sudden my family (huge family) all came down and attacked him. I ran upstairs as this was happening and I could hear his cries. I locked myself in the bathroom and my oldest sister C was telling my dad to tell all of my other siblings to stop it was enough my dad then got mad at her and told her to go back. I was so terrified of my family at that point I didn’t know what to do. my dad then came upstairs and knocked on the bathroom door I was in. I was so startled then I woke up?

  7. Dreaming of eating human flesh
    Let me share my odd dream (at the night of 8, July, 2015) with you all.
    I dreamed about eating barbacued flesh of a man with another man. The man was already dead and his face was not seen.
    First, I enjoyed eating some flesh of some parts of his body, like head. Later, I took the flesh of his neck with my hand and tried to eat it. While chewing it in my mouth, I became feeling disgusted with it. So I threw it out and gave up eating it and left that place.
    It was a never- experienced dream in my life.
    What are your points of view?

  8. Mine was something else. I had applied for this job don’t know why ? But it was at like a dairy farm type job. Eventually, the dream jumped ahead and i was already working their a few days. The whole scene was kind of creepy because it was family owned and operated the butcher and wife could’ve given 2 fucks about you, i could definitely feel their hatred. There were 2 girls and a guy that worked there and then they had the mom who knitted in her house and the big ole farm house behind where i believed in my dream they slaughtered animals. Well one day i was pacing at night and i happened to meet one of the girls which was very attractive to me and started talking to her. We laughed and kicked it off great. A few days later another guy gets the job and for some reason goes along with them, idk i felt like everyone that was around me was a cannabalist. At the end of the night it was time for me to go home and me and her decided to ride together. As we were leaving the farm and driving on this dirt road in the middle of nowhere at night, all of a sudden we started making out, it was weird because we had barely known each other. I ended up telling her that i was going to quit the job for no apparent reason but the look in her eyes were delusional. It made sense as to why she was making out with me to get me to stay so they could all eat me. The 2 girls the new guy, the butcher and the mom. I tried and tried escaping this horrifying scene but i always ended up back. I was in their farm warehouse and there was new people sitting around like a 12 seater rectangular wooden table while i was definitely not sitting next to any of them i just watched on the corner of the room as they were getting ready to eat i was so so very desperate to leave but then i woke up ? Even though it wasn’t clear that they were cannibals i could definitely sense it in my own dream.

  9. I had a dream this morning that my family and I ate the skin of a passed on loved one. Could you please help me understand this dream? It is all I can think of..

  10. My dream was an unusual dream, I am usually defined as the hero or passionate one. But in this dream, I am observing. in a small run down apartment village, these tribal white men with paint all over their bodies and face, are going from apartment to apartment striping the flesh off the bodies and eating people. my reaction in this dream is fear and discuss, I have never had such a graphic dream like this ever.

    My current stress is a ex friend I used to work with was bringing in contraband into a prison that we worked at and when he got busted is blaming me saying I did it. We haven’t spoken to each other since our interrogation and I also afraid if they buy his story that ill be arrested. So im not sure if that dreams has anything to do with my current highest stress issue.

  11. Mine are usually my family, I have a very good relationship with them and in the dreams they are usually alive or dead whilst I eat them, when alive they are tied up and begging for their lives, it’s not clear sometimes because I can’t see their faces but I get and eerie feeling that it’s them.

  12. I dreamed that I murdered someone, then skinned them like an animal, ground up all the meat and began cooking it. I ate the person and served it to friends without telling them what it was. I then disposed of the person’s bones in a deep hole of a nearby river. What does this mean? Thank you.

  13. Just had a disturbing dream. In this dream was a man that seemed to be documenting the events occurring in a room. However the man documenting this was myself but at the time it felt like I was watching this through a camera. In this dream was a group of adults, young children and some pet dogs. The adults decided to take ecstacy and watch a scary movie. This is where I started the dream. After watching the movie the adults (all men) seemed very sedated as of they were slowly dying. The dogs also had the same temperament. Laying on the ground with the parents. One dog had the tail of another dog in its mouth, not chewing it. Rather just gnawing on it as if it were trying to slowly eat it hole, blood dripping on the floor. Eventually all the adults had died and the children were still alive and awake. One child started talking about eating the adults, suggesting that the longer they remain dead the better they would taste. The children then began to cut the bodies up into smaller pieces and making food with them, using the meat to make sandwiches and such. Note that in this dream all the bodies seemed to have already partially decayed. The documenter ( me in the dream ) got very uncomfortable and decided to run out the house, but one of kids began to chaise him. With the feeling that they may of eat him (me). I ran to a house where one of the kids was trying to get into, the house may have belonged to the other parent of the kid, the mother. I was worried for the mother so I ran into the house before the kid and locked the door trying to explain to the mother what had happened but she opened the door and the kid ran in. At this point I woke from the dream.

    Please tell me what this all means?

  14. I made a film a few years ago about a dream I had: 1) My friend and I were starving and homeless living in a dilapidated house. I used a hacksaw to cut off his leg. So we could eat it. Then stole it and took off. The dream jumped forward I felt a week later. Where I saw him with a plunger suction cupped to his knee for a fake leg. He saw me and come screaming for the return of it. I screamed across the street telling him, “You could have it back now boy” cocked one leg up and farted. I woke up LMAO! I’ve had some bizarre dreams but it was one of the most memorable. I’d like to learn more about dreams myself. I understand that dreams can be picked apart to no end, like the saw being a phallus symbol, or hidden animosity from eating another. It is fun stuff though to examine. Check it out:

  15. I have a question about dreams involving cannibalism. What if you were watching the cannibal consuming a person who’s face is unclear yet is of some sort of importance. The dream played out as this: *Girl walks up to me* she says to me “I love you. and my father, he loves you too! *Cannibal comes running out of nowhere and leaps unto the girls back while tacking bites at her, then after the girl hits the ground cannibal starts eating the back of her neck* the cannibal says to me “She tastes delightful!” with a sort of grin as if to mock me, or suggesting that the cannibal is closer to the girl than I am hoping to induce jealousy into my insides. Then halfway through slaughtering the cannibal I awake. I hope this is enough for you to help me in decoding this odd dream that is very new to me, but if you can’t that’s okay thank you anyway c:

  16. Thank you so much for the information. I was pretty disturbed waking up this morning and remembered my dream, I seriously thought somethings wrong with my head. But, your explanation makes sense. I am by nature possessive and selfish person -I dunno about egoistic though. And recently, I come to dislike myself more day by day especially when i act indifferent to other people and sometimes with relatives too.