Car / automobile repair shop dream meanings

General Meanings:

Dealing with life and ability to create The dream when you see a car repair shop, then this signifies that you can deal with your personal skills. The workshop is the place of creativity, out of the building shows the dreamer’s world with which he deals. There he uses his instinct and checks all his reserves and motivation skills.

Psychological Meanings:

Need of attention and love A car repair shop as a dream symbol can point to the need for personal attention and perhaps to physical affection.  In the dream the condition of the car marks how the dreamer deals with his outer life.

Spiritual Meanings:

The dreamer has a spiritual tool, which he can use at certain times to assist him. A car repair shop reminds the dreamer that he has these special tools in stock and can use it any time.

* Please, see meaning of car, garage.

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2 responses

  1. I had a dream where I went back to the body shop where they screwed up my car and I watched them take it apart nd take it away from me which I have a feeling they would do that in real life and is why i wont go back there. The body damage that was fixed was minor where nothing leaked or broke electronically, yet they went behind the dash and did something to it because it makes random panging noises and I dont know if its suppose to trigger something or what but i do mechanic work myself and know something isnt right and two car dealerships cant find the problem. Am I having this dream bc I know it still bothers me even though I prentend like I dont or is it more symbolic like I keep letting people/others tear me apart? Anyways, than you and dont wanna sound odd but im stuck with a problem that no one can fix but its still there?

  2. In the dream i worked at an auto repair shop/full service gas station. As I came in/not necessarily to work, there was many customers needing help. SO I pitched in and began to solve problems that others had difficulty doing. Taking bolts out of difficult location on a 4×4 truck, helping to move the impatient customers through the line and selling tires for a VW bug.