Car dream meanings


Personal power, ego.


Where I am going to arrive ? Who  I am?

In general:

In General, car symbolizes the facts and subjects which motives that dreamer. The car in dreams shows the path of the dreamer, not only professional one or the personal one, but in all aspects of his life.
To understand the dream that is related to car better, the dreamer must associate the symbols with the reality he is at the moment, only then he will be able to interpreter his dream. For example, if the engine of your car does not work properly, such dream obviously indicates the actual problem of the engine. The opposite explanation would be interpreted if the engine in reality works properly, then such dream would explain your drive and enthusiasm towards life.

Different explanations follows the circumstances of the car the dreamer has:
Independence if driving alone – the one that has been driving the car on his own has a feature of his personality such as independence, which helps him to do things on his own;
The desire to be noticed if dream of sitting in an unknown car and driving it – such dream indicates the wish to express yourself more and show your abilities to others;
The state of the mind is not on the track if parking the car wrongly – to place the car on the wrong way, suggest to put your thoughts on the direct way.


Car as a symbol of the life drive
On the psychological level the dream that includes the car, very often relates to the drive of life which dreamer has. Sometimes people feel that they are going too slowly and are not able to reach the goals they are aiming for. Alternatively, the dream may indicate the velocity and intensity of the dreamer’s life. There is a possibility that some of the things are made while being in rush and hurry, therefore the pressure that the one has occurs in dreams.

Car as a symbol of sexual drive
The car and motor are inherent parts, therefore the motor represents the power which is related to masculinity of the man. His ability to perform sexualy is very important for every men. In that case the dreamer could have fears or very high expectations for himself when it comes to his sexuality.

Car as a symbol of the dreamer’s status
The car in reality represents the financial status of the person. It is very important especially for men to own the car that is expensive and nice, because he can be proud of what he achieved while working very hard. Women may interpreter the car as a symbol of masculinity, because the one who owns the expensive car will be a good provider for her and the family.

Car as a symbol of independency
The car that is driven by the person shows the level of the independency the one has. It is known that only one person drives the vehicle, therefore it shows that everything is in his own hands.
Such dream shows the desire for independency, the one who takes control of the wheel and the speed is in control of his life. Maybe the dream shows that nobody else but the dreamer creates the life, obstacles and barriers but himself.


A car symbolizes spiritual direction and motivation.


European (Judeo-Christian)
Success if driving the car – to drive the car in the dream suggests to look forward for prosperity and success in all aspects of the life;
Lost control of the life if the car is driving itself – to see the car that is driving without a driver in it, denotes to the lost control of the dreamer’s life, which means that he lets the things flow on their own;
The achievement of the goals if driving the car carefully – the one who drives the car very carefully and skilfully, minding all of the rules and signs will reach anything he wants, because of the effort and attention he pays to things;
The business will improve if buy the car – the one who bought the car will set new ideas which will introduce the improvement;
Good omen if see the flames of burning car – the dreamer who sees the car that is burning and there are only flames left, denotes to good meaning of the dream;
Bad omen if see the black smokes of burning car – be aware of dangers, as the color of the smokes which is black, denotes to negative meaning of the dream;
Difficulties during the endeavours of the targets if the car is broken – the one who saw the car that is broken and not working properly will have to remove the barriers which will be set by destiny, however these difficulties will only remain for temporary period of time;
Material loss if dream of being involved in a car accident – the one who had a dream about the car accident will suffer the loss, but consider it will be financial one;
Will win the competition if dream of winning the race – the one who had a dream about winning the car races denotes to victory he will have towards some particular project;

Hindu (Hinduism)

Will learn something new if see the car – to dream of watching the cars passing by, signifies
new opportunities and things you will learn;
Will fail if drive the car yourself – to be the one who drives the car himself, signifies the frustration and failure.

Contexts’ Meanings:

Car accident or car crash
The dream in which you have dreamed that you had a car accident usually shows the end of something.
Sometimes the car accident might represent the end of certain relationships between you and some people, especially when other people are involved in a car accident.
If the dreamer was alone in his car, then such dream involves the fears the dreamer has such as being alone or he faced the fears he already has. Sometimes it points to the psychological breakdown because of many personal or professional circumstances.
Consider that the dream can show the desire to experience the euphoria in dangerous activities such as extreme sports and others.

Car pedal or accelerator
Sometimes the dream about car involves very intensive symbols such as car pedal or accelerator which mostly denotes to the energy of the dreamer. The desire to experience very vibrant feelings in life, professional or personal ones. Depending on circumstances while pressing the accelerator or car pedal follows different explanations of the dream:
Lack of energy if the pedal doesn’t work – such dream shows the frustration and how tired the dreamer is;
The desire to reach the targets as soon as it is possible if pressing the pedal hardly – such dream indicates the impatience the one has;

Lost car
The one who dreams of losing his car or is not able to find it, is the person who finds it hard to concentrate on particular things. The lost car also can be the representation of features such as confusion and disorientation of the dreamer. Maybe it is hard to concentrate on certain things, therefore the dreamer suffers such dreams.
Alternatively, the dream might be an indication of how relaxed you are. Maybe you are the person who does not attach to things or you are feeling more free while living the life you want.
Consider that the dream might be an indication of the questions you have about life and what do you want out of it.

Car park and parking lot
The car park represents the community, therefore the dreamer who sees the car park is able to join others and adapt himself to any circumstances he is in.
Alternatively, the dream may be an indication of the confusion the dreamer is at the moment, especially if he is not able to find his car in the car park, because the dreamer finds it hard to relax. Probably there is a need to remove himself from others, stay on his own and think of the things he really wants out of life.

Seat belt of the car
The one who who wears a seatbelt in his dream is very responsible person who cares about his being and appearance. Alternatively, the dream can represent imprudence of the one, but only if he does not wear the seat belt.

Driving not someone’s car
The dreamer who drives the car that is someone’s else is willing to have the features the owner of the car has. He is fascinated by the appearance of that certain person, therefore he wishes to be just like him. Alternatively, the car can indicate somebody you do not like, but only if the car was taken without the permission of the owner, because the dreamer wishes to remove the features of the certain person.
Consider that the dream can represent the relationships you are in with someone. Because the one shares things with another, it shows the caring and sharing two people have.

Steering wheel of the car
Usually the wheel represents the ability to be in control of things. The one who is steering the wheel of the car is in control of life of particular situation he is at the moment and how capable of doing it he is. The easier and more relaxed the wheel steers, the more easen the dreamer is. And the harder the wheel steers, the harder and more difficult it is to adapt to
circumstances the dreamer has.

The car being towed
The one who sees the car being towed in his dream is not capable of being in control of his life or the situation he is in at the moment. The dream could also show the desperation of help you need from others. Make sure you do not separate yourself from others and ask for help when it is needed.

Reversing the car
The reversion is the act of looking back to the past and things that happened before. There is a possibility that the dreamer is not able to move forward and instead looking back to the past, feeling nostalgia or stress for things that could have been done better. There is no need to be sorry or nostalgic about past, because there is always the future which anyone can make as beautiful as he wants.

Car service
Just like the vehicle needs to be checked and diagnosed if it is struggling, the people must be taken care of also. Maybe the dream suggest to look after your health and make some appointments to certain specialists as the dream could be the warning of poor status of your health.

Tyre of the car
The tyre is inseparable part of the car, helping it to drive safely and properly. The tyre which goes smoothly shows the best things in your life which goes without any severities. however the dream may indicate your desperation at the situation or the life you have at the moment.

Windows of the car
Windows of the car represents the view to the world, people and surroundings the individual has. Through the windows we can have a look towards things we are surrounded by. Dirty, muddy windows would show the unclear look we have or are not able to see things properly. Alternatively, clear windows shows the crystal clear understanding of things we have. Consider, that the window which is being closed by the dreamer, shows the isolation of situation or people he has.

Crashed car
Wrecked and unfulfilled desires and wishes if the car has been smashed. The dream shows the desperation and failures the dreamer has. Maybe there are some things that has not been fulfilled or something you already done did not work the way you wanted, therefore you did not achieve your goals and tasks.

Car on fire
The car that is burning, shows the exhaustion of the dreamer. The one is completely tired and not able to perform mentally or physically. Alternatively, the dream might indicate the end of something either good or bad, depending on the circumstances of your life. Maybe there are some things you are over with, therefore the dream of the car being on fire finishes it.

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  1. I saw an expensive car but my pastor was standing close to the car, it was parked in a garage with a flag that is not Nigeria flag, and I was praying that the car should be mine, please what do you think this mean

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