Cartoon Character dream meanings




What elements of me did I find funny or silly?

General Meanings:

The dream of Cartoon Character indicates happiness and joy. The dream may show that this period of your life will be good and will bring you satisfaction.

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  1. I had a dream that I had Sex with Shadow the hedgehog. My friend Trinity heard me and came to check on me and said I was shaking all over the place and moaning.
    She said I said. “Shadow stop that hurts.” Weird thing is why would I dream about that? I mean I have had other dreams where Shadow came to my rescue. He said to stay away from mirrors becasue in my dream my friend was pulled in by the grudge and never let back out.
    So when we were on the bus we asked the bus driver to take us somewhere safe but when she turned around we saw it was the grudge.
    So Shadow jumped out of the moving van and injuring himself and protecting me. When we woke up Shadow was badly wounded but a nice old couple picked us up and offered a stay for the night and we did.
    Shadow was dirty from rolling arouf after jumping out of the truck and decided to take a bath with me. When we were in the tub he grabbed my waist and pulled me down onto his body. We had a sexual intercourse. I swear I could feel it inside me and then when I woke up i felt weird in my part. I couldn’t walk properly all day i had to walk with my leg crossed.
    Then just a few days after that my tummy started to hurt like hell. I feel like puking and all but i don’t. I remeber in my dream I was moaning for Shadow to go harder and deeper. He did and thats why I think I was hurting so much next day.
    But scary thing is the first time that happened I woke up in the middle of my dream and I could feel hands on my waist and his part inside me.
    I remeber the voice saying: “Ssh it’s okay it’s just me.” Then a tongue slipped into my mouth and thats the last thing i remebered.