Castle dream meanings


Fortified and magnanimous self.


What walls do I want to tear down?

General Meanings:

Safety The dream of castle is associated with the feminine principle which is closed and defended by privacy. Castle first of all is an indication of safety and security, especially in interpersonal relationships.

Fight The siege of the castle in the dream may be a warning that you may meet unexpected obstacles and risks with which ones you have to fight.

Psychological Meanings:

  • To be imprisoned in a castle, this dream denotes that the biggest difficulty for you is to liberate yourself from the old settings and beliefs.
  • Try to enter or to go into a castle, then this means that the dreamer will recognize the obstacles and will overcome them.
  • The main function of a castle is to give a shelter, but at the same time it has something threatening for us.
  • The dreamer lives in the castle and he is surrounded by knights, landlords and ladies, or he takes a part in a tournament,then this dream marks that the dreamer has inhibitions to express his own physical or emotional desires, or he suffers from feelings of inferiority.
  • In the dream the courtyard of the castle indicates communication and success in business.
  • The dungeon and the torture chambers of the castle marks the oppression and inability to solve the problems by yourself.
  • The castle dungeon depth refers to the need of maternal protection against hazards. Usually this means your mental imbalance which one you have to bring in order.
  • A ruin of the castle marks mental disorder and a chaos of conflicting emotions that can lead to the crisis.

Spiritual Meanings:

The castle as a dream symbol is an indication of spiritual testing and the ability to overcome obstacles in order to gain deeper insight. A biblical symbol of a castle stands for safety and refuge.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Safe place if see a large castle – In the dream you see a large castle then this dream marks that you will find protection from danger;
  • Happy event if see a castle – The castle as a dream symbol may bring you an adventure in near future;
  • Worries if stuck in a castle – In the dream you can not go out of the castle then this dream means danger or obstacles that will be difficult to overcome;
  • Need of protection if be in a castle – You are in the castle in the dream, then on the one hand you are happy with your own life circumstances, on the other hand you may need for protection or the feeling of having a barricade against the world;
  • Unexpected events if be locked in the castle – This dream announces that you will experience something unexpected in your life if you are locked in the castle;
  • Misfortune if see ruin of a castle – In the dream you see the ruin of the castle, then this dream has a negative meaning which shows that you will have failure;
  • Troubles if see a burning castle with lots of smoke – When you see a burning castle in the dream, then this dream announces that you will have some worries and unpleasant events in your life;
  • Better time if see a ruined castle – The ruined castle in the dream will bring you hope that you will have better times.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Reaching aims if see a castle – In the dream you are in the castle, then this dream denotes that you are in protected and safe place where you will have an ability to reach your goals;
  • Fear if live in the castle – This dream may show that you feel distrust of yourself, you are afraid to start something in your life;

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Happiness if see a castle – The dream of castle indicates that you will have great things and pleasant events in your life which will bring you satisfaction;
  • No worries if enter into a castle – When you enter into a castle then this dream denotes that you will have unexpected obstacles which will harass you, but no worries you will overcome them.

* Please, see meaning of drawbridge, building.

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