Castration dream meanings


– Denial of sexuality , limiting the power of creativity.


– What do I feel in relation to my creativity or sexuality as being threatened?

General Meanings:

If any man is dreaming of being castrated, then such a dream brings very negative emotions. For a woman it causes as much distractions as to any of the men. Such dreams can be explained and listed as a nightmare, because the castration is not only painful, but also it is the part of you which is taken away.There are several ways the castration is done, therefore it is very important to pay attention to even small details in the dream: who attacked you and how? The feelings of the dreamer are also very significant: was he scared, confident worried or fearless?
Sometimes the dream shows the fear of the men being impotence, without ability to satisfy himself or a women. Besides that, a dream might show the fear that is related not only to sexual elements, but also to other ones (for example work). The dreamer could be afraid of showing worse than he is or/and be worse than the others.

Psychological Meanings:

Very often the dream of castration reflex the rejection of partner or general sexuality. The dream also shows repressed instinctual needs or it could show the confusion between manliness and femininity where the dreamer feels lost as for example being a man feels too soft as this tends more to women. A dream of castration may be reflecting the worst fears of a man where he loses all of his power as a man. Only because in reality he denies these fears, therefore he has these dreams.
For a woman to dream of giving a castration to some man, shows her desire to ruin that particular man. This dream shows the hate or anger the woman is suffering towards that man.

Spiritual Meanings:

Spiritually the dream of castration can be interpreted two ways:
As a good omen, the dream shows the need and desire to be sacrificed sexually, which means that all the wishes the dreamer has, that are related to sex and intimacy, wish came true. The other meaning of castration shows the fear of the man, where he loses his virility and the power as the man.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

In European dream meaning the castration is explained as the fear of losing the virility you have. Consider, that the dream can also show the lack of producement and capability.

  • Loss of sexual confidence if the penis or testicles were cut by yourself – the dream shows that the dreamer is no longer interested in having sexual contact with others or even not performing himself. The dream might also show the state of your mind where you are confused what to choose: explore more of the feminine or masculine side of your personality;
  • Fear if you were castrated – to dream that somebody cut of your penis or testicles, signifies your fear. This apprehension could come out of your relationships to someone special and shows that you are afraid to express yourself therefore you would be abandoned. Usually when someone castrates you you are afraid of the things that do not depend on you, that’s why you feel powerless or/and impotent.
  • Anger towards someone if you were castrating someone – for a dreamer to castrate someone in a dream shows the anger is suffering and wishes for a revenge. The anger that is expressed doesn’t have to be for particular person it could be only to the situation you are at the moment.

Hindu (Hinduism)

– There isn’t any explanation of dream in Hinduism.

Arabian (Islamic)

Castration in dreams mostly symbolizes the loss. Different kind of loss as losing part of yourself or respect towards the others. The dream also could bring important messages, such as a warning to be aware of those you are surrounded by.

  • Humiliation if one was castrated – for a dreamer to see himself being castrated by someone, promises humiliation and indignity. The dream suggests to look around as you have more enemies than you thought;
  • Denies the truth if castrates himself – if the dreamer cuts his own testicles and/or penis, than it shows that the dreamer doesn’t admit the facts that are very clear. The castration is the reflection of denial. Seeing oneself castrated also shows how devoted and committed the dreamer is for those he supports;
  • A warning from the Lord if meets castrated person that never saw before – for a dreamer to see the person who is unknown to him, but is castrated, shows the message this person brought to him.

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