Cat chasing white mouse dream meanings

To watch cat chasing white mouse in your dreams foretells autarchic attitude, girlish passion, talent and competency. By some other analysis such dream symbols sorrow and bottom out happening. For such dream figuration includes varied acceptation determined by whether you are a friend of the cats or not. This dream might attest that an important person should be authoritative or certain toward your being. Variously, if you don’t have affection to a cat and if your dream has left bad feeling then your dream could attest vice versa understanding: some-one might be unprincipled or ticklish in relation to your interests. Such dream about cat chasing white mouse with harmonious notions signals that you’re in unity with your soft side and desire. If not when the dream is full of unpeaceful perceptions then it indicates that you are having unbalance with the female character of yours.

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