Cave dream meanings


– Hidden secrets and issues; sexuality of female; the past.


– What do I have in my personality that I would like to be discovered?

General Meanings:

Just like catacombs in dreams the caves also has a lot in common with subconsciousness. Although it may be scary at the beginning , but such dreams can have very good influence for the future and better understanding of yourself.

Psychological Meanings:

The cave in dreams has very similar meaning to grotto. These places have been used as a place to hide and was known as the symbol of security. It could also be seen as the dark space from which comes life, the maternal, new beginning and new promises. The cave also represents the feminine, because the vagina is also represented as a cave. On the context of the dream it is very important to understand if the experience was pleasant or maybe even dangerous. If it was unpleasant and the dreamer felt terrified or scared, then it points to the problems and/or environment the dreamer has.

Spiritual Meanings:

Spiritually the cave symbolizes spiritual protection, rebirth and initiation of something new.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Affection of subconscious mind of yours if walk through the cave – Such a dream shows the changing state and deeper understanding of negative impulses that you might be affected by;
  • Will get the relief if walking out of cave – If the dreamer walks out of the cave feeling happy and delighted, than it usually shows that he will find the way out of debilitating situation he is in. It could be the matter of money or health which will definitely increase;
  • Your soul is lost if stuck in cave – If the dreamer can not find the way out of the cave, then it denotes about devastated state of your mind and soul. It shows that at this time in your life you feel hopeless and useless;
  • Sad future if crash into the cave – For a dreamer who crashes into the cave promises unlucky future life;
  • Unpleasant meeting if falling into the cave – The dreamer falls into the cave, shows that he will have to meet and discuss uncomfortable business;
  • False friends if firstly see then walk in the cave – To walk in for a while in the cave then this dream marks that you have to stay aware of fake friendships. There are some people around you that wish to harm you;
  • Obscurity if the cave is dark and deep – The dreamer can expect anything in his future, as many factors depend on others, so prepare for many surprises;
  • Solitude if living in the cave – The dreamer sees himself living in the cave and feeling good about it, indicates that he is very private person, who likes to stay away from the others;
  • Depression if dies in a cave – When the dreamer dies in the cave, then the dream shows sad and depressed future for a dreamer;
  • Death of relatives or friends if digging the cave – You have to prepare yourself for stress that is coming along with the dream when you are digging a cave;
  • True love if man with the woman is in the cave – such dream symbolizes everlasting love for you and the one you choose;

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Stay careful with the friends if the cave is dark – Usually the darkness of the cave in the dream represents the iniquity and evil in that lies in your friends. Consider, the darker the cave, the worse friends of yours;
  • The luck will change radically if see the cave – To see a cave in a dream shows that things will turn upside down;
  • Will solve the problem if walk into the cave – For a dreamer to walk into the cave shows that he will find the answer to the question he was considering before.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Your fate is scary and unknown if see or be in the cave – For a dreamer to see the cave signifies your future as weird and unpredictable;
  • Beware of the traps if crawling into the cave – Crawling into the cave in the dream shows that maybe someone is trying to trick you or you might be a victim of the traps that were made for somebody else;
  • Sad news if digging the cave – If the dreamer digs the cave, such dream shows sad and unpleasant message you will receive;

Medicine Wheel Meanings:


uterus (womb); connection with the earth ; protection.


A cave is a natural opened space that is made by mother of Earth. For a very long time the cave was the place to urinate, but also was a sacred place, which means that in dreams it could have either good symbolism either bad one. In the earliest times of human history the caves also offered heat and a place like home.

General Meaning

Origins of ancient times; emptiness; the deepest connection with Mother Earth.


To be selected and chosen one.

Transcendent Meaning

An opening to the other places or the space made for creativity.

* Please, see meaning of abyss and grotto.

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  1. I had this dream that was so profound many years ago. I was with a women and we were running for safety. She was guiding me. I followed her to a cave, I would be safe here, she stayed in the cave with me a little while. I asked her how I would find my way back, you must remember ! You will know it when you find it. Remember ! I trusted her that I would remember to find my way back. Soon I settled in, then things got cramped , and I knew that I must now leave the safety of the cave and find my way back. The cave was squeezed me, finally I made my way out into the light. It took me years to find what I was to remember, but I did! He caves I saw were in Isreal. On top of Mt. Carmel, the Baha’i Faith. Allah’u’Abha !