Ceiling dream meanings


Limits to the high end.


When and where in my life I am ready to move up my limits?

General Meanings:

Your own abilities The dream of ceiling has an association with some kind of limits or borders. Such a dream symbol indicates your own ability to move on and to remove all the barriers in your life, but also this may be as a sign that it is time to stop and do not waste your efforts.

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4 responses

  1. I dreamt of what looked like a never-ending ceiling or a very high ceiling white walls with maybe a tiny glass window facing the blue sky. I was in a house that I ran away to from being chased by a man who had raped me and is killing anyone I get close to.

  2. I dreamt that cups were falling from out of the ceiling and i had to catch them, they were falling out of cup sized holes that would close up after they fell,nothing would happen if i didnt catch them though it just freaked me out when i woke up!!!

  3. i had a dream that glow in the dark writing appeared on my ceiling , then slowly faded away as ai woke up to find nothing onmy ceiling at all , i have been waking up talking to people who arent there , and interacting in dreams and so on please help i dont know where to turn! do i need medication or do i need to see a medium or spiritualistic guide?