Cerberus dream meanings

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Gain if see Cerberus – To dream of Cerberus (Hell Hound) may be a good sign that you will have unexpected profit.

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  1. i dreampt of cerberus this week. there wasn’t anything in the dream except seeing the hellhound up close. And the thing is that he had only 1 head (but you know how dreams can be … you ‘know’ things in the dream without it necessarily being explicitly said. he had only 1 head, but i knew that this was cerberus). but, he also had 6 glowing red eyes…. that’s all the dream was, me seeing Cerberus.

  2. What I’ll call “Cerberus” comes in an elephant-sized form to my dreams in my times of great need. Digs and eats at my stress in order to release it from polluting me long-term. Basically to renew and empower me. Promoting healing. Only appears for a real need, not a personal desire. One example, while financing my 1st home, during the homebuying-while-full-time-working-constantly-worrying-about-my-future-always-on-my-toes-process…I went hard after a brighter future and when the commitment got real …Cerberus would visit.

  3. I dreamed that I saw Kerberos, though he was invisible. It was merely his eyes really that I saw, & they glowed similar the light of the sun. He did not attempt to scare me really, not at all. It was as well that I felt guarded & protected of him, though it was not affection of him nor opposite, not actually. Kerberos merely stared at me. I have always felt guarded of Kerberos. I am an American Tribal & within the Mayan Culture, though I am context of the Sphere of Zeus, within Tribal & Mayan languages my name proves more significant of the Sphere of Hades. I appreciate the context of the Sphere of Zeus greatly as well though. 🙂

  4. I had a dream about a Cerberus.

    I was sort of like a villa and walking around.

    There were others also.

    The Cerberus was walking around, but seemed to ignore me and others.

    It was so ugly it scared me, so I decided to scare it away.

    Bad idea.

    We were at a stand off.

    And I used one of the doors of the opening of the villa to fend it off, slamming it toward him and growling also, but it just stood it’s ground and growled back.

    Then I felt as I was being carried off from the situation/dream and woke up.

  5. I dreamt (more of a nightmare) that I was in a real tight spot in a dark lit street,it must’ve been a big city because my voice echoed when i was screaming for help.when i looked up i saw a grey sky above me but all around me where brick walls and in from of me, on the alley, i saw a huge three headed dog run up to me and started biting my chest.It seemed very real, (i could feel my abdomen contract all morning that day when i woke up because of the fear) anyway, Cerberus didn’t stop biting my stomach until i was able to hold my intestines with my own hands.

    then ,the three headed dog backed up and sat down. i keep on looking at my bleeding chest and just woke up with a start.

    Sorry for the graphic material but i really need to understand what this means.

  6. I dreamt I was in a crowded common area of a high school and saw Jeremy, my past boyfriend who had died six years ago from a drunk driving accident (he was the drunk driver). We made eye contact but waited a while to approach each other. When we finally met, he apologized to me and I told him his eyes were beautiful. I wanted to leave with him and he kept asking if I was sure and I said I was. While attempting to leave the building we came across a black guy with three heads who told me I shouldn’t go. I didn’t listen and continued to walk towards the exit. At the exit there were guards and everyone had papers in their hands that the guards were viewing. When we arrived at the exit doors, Jeremy went through and walked towards the parking lot. When it was my turn to pass through the guards they said there was a situation and basically shut down the whole operation telling me I couldn’t go with him. I persisted but with no luck. I ended up leaving with my mother and then I woke up.