Ceremony dream meanings


Formal rite & Ritual.


How deep am i ready or want to take obligations?

General Meanings:

Success The ceremony as a dream symbol may be a sign that you will have personal or professional success. In the dream you are attending a ceremony or a religious ritual, then the dream indicates that you need to be aware of a new project or task because your attitude or skill need to be conscious. The ritual ceremony announces an important change in life.

Psychological Meanings:

The dream of ceremony or ritual may prophesy that you will have major change in life which will a profound impact on the dreamer.

Spiritual Meanings:

Energy and inner feelings Ceremonies and rituals are used for initiations, to gain a deeper awareness and to initiate a new order. On the spiritual level, in the dream the ceremonies and the rituals are for the concentration of energies.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Stress if attend ceremony or religious ritual – In the dream you attend ceremony or religious ritual then this dream denotes that you should work on your commitments, because of them you will be soon very stressed.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Boring if see or attend in a ceremony or religious ritual – The dream may indicates that you’ll have a lot of boredom very soon.

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