Chameleon dream meanings

General Meanings:

Adaptability, depending on the situation – the ability to change. Chameleon is usually has a positive and negative meaning. Positively the chameleon changed the color or blended to the environment – means that you have adopted to the certain situation in your life. Negatively it is a warning that somebody is ready to attack you.

Psychological Meanings:

The chameleon is a symbol of volatility and unreliability. In the dream the chameleon is fed and cared for, you should practice more on self-critical and strive for greater strength of character. If it refused to be fed, then you need to develop further and live in greater harmony with your fellow human beings.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Trustfulness lover if see your loved one with a chameleon on a leash –  She/he will prove unworthy of your trust, if they see better opportunities elsewhere, they will leave you;
  • Worries with bad people if someone changes like chameleon – In your dream somebody changes into chameleon, this announces that you will have to deal with such a hostile person who adapts like a chameleon;
  • Accept changes if feeding a chameleon – in the dream you are feeding a chameleon, this marks that you have to work with your confidence, you are ready to accepts the changes and the opportunities which was given to you;

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Adaptability if seeing green chameleon – In the dream the chameleon becomes green, this shows that you will adapt and accept the strange circumstances in your life;
  • Warning if catching a chameleon – In the dream you or somebody is catching a chameleon, this is a warning. You have to be very attentive, because somebody wants to make harm for you. They want to get your trust and then to destroy your life, family.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Changes if seeing a chameleon in green environment – This dream announces you about upcoming difficulties or new job, but you are ready to handle with them. These changes will be good for you.

Contexts’ Meanings:

Seeing a chameleon in the dream – This symbol shows that you are ready to adapt and accept the situations in which you are now. The chameleon has the ability to blend into the environment. Also this symbol has variability and unreliability features, which means that you are not sure and not ready to accept the changes. You try live with this, but your concision announces that you not ready for that.

Seeing different colors of chameleons – The chameleon is different colors (red, black, brown, orange and etc. (see the meaning of the colors)), signifies about upcoming worries and difficulties in your life. Shows that you have some hesitations about something and this will not let you to move on. If it is black means that you feel anxiety and afraid of something, because black color is something dark and mystic.

Becoming or being a chameleon – In the dream you feel like you are a chameleon or become one, this shows that you are not very steady person. You changes your attitude and opinion in order to become better to somebody or the situation. Don’t be marionette in others hands, you have to trust yourself more.
* Please, see meaning of animals.

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  1. Hi
    Today i saw a dark skin woman with blue eyes is forcefully hugging me and when i oppose she changes into a chameleon. And this all is happening in a temple. I rush to my hubby and he comes with me to see her. And then she again attacks me but a pandit in the temple picks her up and rips her apart. Pls tell me wht does this means.

  2. I dreamth about a young man holding stick with cameleon and was playing with the cameleon. using the stivk throwing it up and down and finally. He throw the cameleon at me and i just saw my self holding the cameleon and I immediately throw the cameleon and woke up. instantly i change my place i was sleeping and I pray over it. pls what does this dream signifies?

  3. So in my dream the chameleon was living in my left eye. Tou could see it swimming around in it like it were a bowl filled with water. In my dream i showed a few people, but they didnt have any advice to share. Later in the dream i was telling someone and showing them, then i felt it move across my forehead and i was able to stop it. It then moved into my left cheek near my mouth where againg i was able to grab it within my skin. A moment later i let it go and i could feel it moving in my mouth where in i could now grab it and pull it out, so I did. I tossed it across the parking lot where i then saw it went from green to i believe red, but im colorblind so it being so far awat could have still been green. I went to go pick it up as it was walking to the bushes but i stopped and just looked at it as it walked away. Help meeee!!!!!!

  4. I was in the dream I saw a chameleon standing on a fence , I look at it and it change to the color of the cloth I wore and I got scared but I didn’t run I just watch it while it move out.

  5. At morning around 7.30 saw a dream ” of many colourful chameleons copulating. There was green, orange & many wonderful colors hanging on a tree. I wanted to take a video when I was surrounded by many poor kids. They literally got into my car and started irritating me. I had to bite a kid on his/her face to let me go”. What does this mean ?

  6. My dream of chameleon was: I saw them very helplesly on the grass and looked at me like begging for something, I picked them up and put it on a tree branch. I gave the bigger one some insects and the face was like thanking me. I was not afraid at all in the dream, but woke up after feeding the chameleon

  7. I saw a chamelion wt a cake mixer which i was using,suddenly it was on the ground sort of helpless and i asked my maid to take it and burn it.i started thinking within me that wether my cake mixer will be able to perform well without the chamelion i now woke up

  8. I saw it on the roof of my room and i was very afraid to see it and it was like a sister that i couldnt recognized her face, was there but not close to me,she tried and pulled down it but it did not die b4 it stated chasing me and i became sore afraid b4 woke up the bed.

  9. I see a chameleon.. A big one.. Head raised towards me , as if looking into my eyes and crawling towards me, when suddenly my sister enters the kitchen and smashes its head with a fry pan. I tell her she should not have killed it and she replies that it was the best option and i think to myself that it indeed was, coz had the chameleon being alive it wud reproduce many more. Thanks