Cheers dream meanings

General Meanings:

Cheers as a dream symbol stands for waiting for an approval for a plan that is in limbo. Sometimes cheers may be a way to attract people to not so good way and try to use them. Joy and positive attitude from other not always show their success, this may be only the mask.

Psychological Meanings:

Need a support and encouragement A symbol of “cheers” may denote the fear of rejection, you can not take criticism. You wish to be popular everywhere and to be more like the center of attention, so that is why your unconscious sends signals with the dream of cheers. The frequent applause and cheers in the dream mark you desire to be encouraged by others because your self-consciousness and self-confidence is not particularly good. You need confirmation as the air, only then you feel accepted.

Traditional Meanings:

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Warning if have cheers – In the dream you have unexpected cheers then this dream warns you to beware before invitations, because this may be not so good and happy in the near future;
  • Support if get cheers from someone you know  – In the dream got cheers from a person you know, then this means that he/she really trust you and gives you his/her support for you and the biggest thing what you can do is to win or to reach your goals.

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