Cheese dream meanings

Artemidorus Meanings:

Cheese points to attacks and raids.

General Meanings:

Happiness in life Cheese is sometimes evaluated as a sex symbol, the corresponding needs have to be brought to light. When you eat cheese then this dream is based on good health or financial gain, while old and hard cheese warns of diseases.

Psychological Meanings:

Cheese is a dream symbol which usually considered as a female symbol, because of its basic ingredient – milk.

Traditional Meanings:

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Happiness if fresh cheese – To dream of fresh cheese may indicate happiness and health in near future;
  • Anxiety if old and ill-smelling – The cheese in your dream has bad smell and it is too old to eat then this announces anger and strife in the private life;
  • Disease if see sliced cheese – The dream may be a  warning of the disease or you will have to survive an operation.


  • Luck if eat fresh cheese – Eat fresh cheese in the dream shows that someone will have good fortune according to the amount of consumed cheese;
  • Anger if cheese with peeled nuts – In your dream you see cheese with peeled nuts then in your real life you will have limited resources and will become angry;
  • Bless if see refiner or dry sheep’s milk cheese – The dream prophecies for a woman that she will be blessed all this year.

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Wealth if Swiss cheese – To dream of Swiss cheese, then this promises prosperity, health and amenities of life;
  • Worries if baked cheese slices or prepared as food to eat – The dream is a sign that you have to be prepared for major complications and troubles, this will be resolved soon;
  • Good life if cheese made in mountain hut – In the dream the cheese is produced in a mountain hut, then you will have secure future and old age;
  • Better situation if work in cheese factory – If you are working in a cheese factory in the dream, so this brings an improvement of the situation or life;
  • Wonderful life if cheese banquets – The dream has positive meaning that happiness, health and income;
  • Illness if eat rotten cheese – To dream, that you eat rotten or old cheese then this dream means disease, so you have to be attentive with your health.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Winning if see cheese – The gain in the game (gambling) when you see cheese in your dream;
  • Illness if see rotten – The rotten cheese in the dream may announce disease.

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5 responses

  1. In a pub, happy family surrounded by nan, 2 great aunts, cuddles & told oh hello, cuddled telling each other I love you. Kissed on check. No sad etc. Sampling cheese on sticks. The family is buying & eating cheese.
    My husband, cousin are there. I could feel my deceased aunts tree.

  2. I dreamt an old friend of mine,myself and my son were eating feta cheese together but mostly her.She was telling me about how she would have to move church with her husband and family. In the dream i was thinking to myself she shouldn’t eat so much my son also needs to have some???

  3. Hi! I had this weird dream about my ex bf. He stopped in front of my gate . .. His mom was in the passenger seat n some old man in the drivers seat. Obviously he was at the back. He dropped off some movies and a cheese sandwich. He also said that I should eat it before it gets sour/rotten. Could u by any chance tell me what this means?

  4. I had a dream about drawers overflowing with creamy cheese. Almost like cottage cheese. But inside the crazy messy cheese were perfect rounds of a basil cheese that I haven’t eaten in years. I had to clean up the mess but I knew the basil cheese was clean.