Chrysanthemum dream meanings

General Meanings:

Luxury life Chrysanthemum as a flower in the dream marks your desire to be in deluxe upper-class society. It can also symbolize erotic dreams that you do not dare or afraid to live.

Relationships When you give the chrysanthemum in the dream, then you are probably dissatisfied with your relationships. But when you buy chrysanthemum, this dream indicates a favorable development of your love relationships.

Psychological Meanings:

Chrysanthemum is the typical grave decoration flower which is considered as a symbol of mourning – or this goes as a request from your subconscious mind to take leave of something.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Loss if pick white chrysanthemum – In the dream you pick white chrysanthemum then this dream announces you loss and consternation of something;
  • Contempt if have a bunch of chrysanthemums – The dream signifies that you will not have real love this will bring only disdain because of your foolish ambition;
  • New phase of life if see a road with white chrysanthemums and some yellow ones – In the dream you notice the road which is full white chrysanthemums and some yellow ones, then this dream announces a feeling of sadness and loss that will strangely lead to the development of new power and feelings;
  • New life if faint of smell – In the dream you fainted because of chrysanthemums smell, then you will have an ability to spread your truly spiritual and secular ideas, and you will understand the true meaning of life.
  • Loss if lots of chrysanthemum – When you have such a dream, then the meaning of this dream is “death” – the loss of something important.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Support if have a chrysanthemum – In the dream you have a chrysanthemum, then this dream denotes that someone will ask you for help and support.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Good news if get chrysanthemum – When you get a flower in your dream, then this dream marks that you will receive a message from a close person with great benefit;
  • Warning if give away chrysanthemums – To give away chrysanthemums in the dream, then this dream is a warning that the dreamer has to take care of his health because disease is really near;

* Please, see meaning of flowers.

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