Circus dream meanings


Childlike joy, imagination, abundance, fullness.


What would I want to enjoy?

General Meanings:

Different interpretation according to circumstances Your reaction about circus in the dream is very important for interpretation. Perhaps you were loved and were full of admiration for the achievements of artists. You refused and upset that noble animals were used to trained demonstrations.

Wish for joy The circus symbol stands for desire for more exciting life, joy. You need to go outside, to free yourself from routine in your life. You have to enjoy the life.

Psychological Meanings:

Solving problems In a circus dream you must always be aware of all the dream plot. Circus may stand for creativity with which you surprisingly find solutions of problems, that you even thought it is possible.

Model to cope with life  In the dream acrobatic and artistic circus events indicate controlled emotion, the discipline of thought and action. Who admires the artist in the ring, in the waking life would like to take an example or model of how to cope and master with life.

Traditional Meanings:

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Warning if seeing circus – This dream is a warning about impending downfall, because you act too playfully with the important decisions;
  • Desire for evaluation if performing or acting in circus – You dream that you are performing in the circus it means that you wish to do really dangerous things to get attention from others that you deserve.

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Improving life if seeing circus – This dream symbol signifies about your creativity, you must show all your qualities if you want to make life better;
  • Talents if appearing or performing in the circus – Performing in the circus in your dream, you must prove that you have talent in the working everyday life. Then you will get respect from others;
  • Warning if playing in a circus as artist – This dream shows that you need for caution, because now you can easily involve in a costly affair, which may bring you worries and losses;
  • Loneliness if empty circus – To dream that the circus is abandoned or empty, shows that you are feeling excluded in some situation. You are feeling lonely, nobody pays attention to you.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Keep your mouth shut if seeing circus in the dream – The dream is a warning that is not always good to speak to much.

Contexts’ Meanings:

Dreaming performing or acting in a circus in general – This dream symbol can show personal talents. The ability to perform in suitable way, to adopt to situation. You do not have to hide all your talent, you must show them. This will bring you better life for you and your family. You want to make something dangerous to get attention from the others. Because you feel that nobody pays attention to you , you feel invisible.

Seeing and enjoying the performance of the artists – You are admiring others’ qualities and how they deal with the given tasks. You are searching for the model how to deal with your life, worries and problems. You are searching for inspiration, to start something new and do not be afraid to make mistakes and to take a risk.

To dream circus and go/move to or to search for it – You are dreaming that you are going or moving to a circus, this signifies that you are longing for more exited or joyful life. In the circus people are happy so you want to feel like them. You want to free yourself from daily life, to express yourself freely and to be carefree, try to enjoy the life without worrying about consequences.

To dream freaky circus artists, scary performance of a circus – This dream announces that you will meet really scary and bad people in your life. They will bring you worries and lots of problems. You mustn’t to succumb to the influence of them and play risky games.

* Please, see meaning of clown, circle, magician.

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  1. After a near death experience where I stopped breathing, my dreams became more vivid and strange. I dream of a empty, red and blue, sun aged, and wind tattered circus tent. It was located in the middle of no where. When I entered the tent I saw nothing, no stands for the people to sit in, no circus ring, with sparse equipment. Only the trapeze, tight rope and something similar to a monkey bar that you would find in a park for children. The floor of the tent had been swept clean and the ground had become hard. It was a place of sadness, and longing.