Clouds dream meanings


– Transition & confusion: sometimes bright and sometimes dark.


– Through what do I experience?

General Meanings:

Expression of feelings – Clouds in a dream can have two meanings, they depend on the dream circumstances. They perhaps point to edification or religious feelings or show that the dreamer feels overshadowed of a person or an object. Maybe clouds in a dream are a warning of possible troubles or dangers. Firstly, all storm clouds can expect setbacks that can destroy the livelihoods. Secondly, fleecy clouds promise joy, delight and pleasure.

Spiritual Meanings:

Divinity – It is said that clouds are the carriers of the divine powers.

Psychological Meanings:

Emotions – The cloud is a vision for the current mood of the dreamer. Sunny or white clouds symbolize serenity and positive thinking. Dark clouds in the sky – they’re pictures of depressive or pessimistic thoughts. Possibly, the dreamer has a hidden depression with which he can deal only after it will accept a tangible form in the dream. Storm clouds symbolize that the dreamer will probably soon have a violent emotional outburst. They impose us the success of heaven.

Traditional Meanings:

Illness If sees heavy clouds – You are dreaming that a single cloud becomes hard wet or falls into a dark cloud: you will become ill accordingly to the wetness and the darkness of the cloud.
Pleasure If sees bright clouds – To see bright or mild clouds, you will spend pleasant days;
No worries If sees grey – If clouds are gently silver or grey: a life without much troubles;
Variety If they are moving – Quickly moving or migrating clouds announce you a varied life;
Peaceful If little ruffled – peace and happiness in your life;
Misfortune If dark clouds –  Dreaming of heavy or dark clouds you will have strife, conflict and misery in prospect, and it threatens a disaster;
Worries If Yellow clouds – In the dream you see yellow clouds, this shows bad company.

Attention If the sky gets darken – You are dreaming that the sky from the clear sky is getting darker: means, that you should pay attention to a clear situation, because it may change soon;
Pleasure If sees white clouds – In the dream you see white clouds, the next period will be very pleasant;
Hard days If dark and black – This dream announces anxious days, misfortune and bad management;
Illness If it rains – You are dreaming that you see rain falling from clouds this means trouble and illness;
Happiness If  moving clouds – The clouds are passing by in your dream, you can expect a better future;
Award If the sun shines through the clouds –  Dreaming of bright transparent clouds through which the sun shines announces success after troubles;
Wonderful life If sees light clouds – To see bright and mild clouds in the dream announces joy and happiness, beautiful, quiet and dreamlike hours;
Relaxation If stars are seen – Bright, paired with shining stars clouds promise you a fleeting pleasure and little progress;

Wisdom – In general clouds symbolize it.If you dream, you seize a piece of a cloud, you will attain the wisdom according to the size of clouds.
No worries If sees clouds – In the dream you look to the sky and see clouds, a disaster will pass by you;
Grow better If sees dark clouds – Dreaming of dark or even black clouds, your life will get better soon;
Misfortune If sees moving – If clouds are pulling quickly in your dream, you will suffer a loss, but you’ll recover;
Good man If sees curled clouds, you have a good character;
Luck  – In the dream you see clouds high in the sky: do not be sad, your plan will succeed.
Wisdom – If you dream that the clouds cover you up and led you where you want, you will reach the Summit of wisdom, if you belong to those who seeks of wisdom; You seek worldly things, you will attain wealth.

* Please, see also meaning of lightning, flash, thunder, thunderstorm, cloudburst, heaven, weather, wind.

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  1. Can anyone please help me interpreting my dream, i dream about a dark cloud falling from the sky but it did not harm anything but i was at work, what does that mean?

  2. What about clouds falling to the earth ground and while that is happening check the hospital and see everyone is dying while two things are happening, kids dissapearing.

  3. This was not a dream, In September 2016 near the Arkansas river as I exited a pharmacy chain store located on top of a ridge , I saw a dark storm front cloud line directly over head, then dozens of small car sized grey clouds came flying up from the valley behind the storm front and formed a tornado shaped formation directly under the storm front, they looked like a team running onto a field , the formation made one slow rotation before the tail at the bottom lifted up and the formation continued sideway directly in front of the dark storm front cloud line and continued to be in front of the dark storm front cloud and led the way heading east until I could no longer observe the strange site, I wonder anyone has seen anything like this before ? Again I was wide awake , when I left the store I drove west back into the storm and was crossing the large interstate bridge crossing the river, I found myself in a huge cyclone type storm that was raining buckets of water from first one direction, then from every direction one right after the other, my truck would get rocked hard from one side, then the other, the front and the back , about a month later as I crossed the same bridge I saw a hole in the clouds not far away and lightning flashes were coming from the hole, with no thunder, one time a lightning bolt shot out down to the ground, that was the only time the lightning left the clouds hole, almost a year before that a storm came through in the summer, we were working outside and left to go up from the valley to a store on tp of a hill to buy drinks, as we were driving the tornado sirens went off, as we bought our drinks and returned to the truck we saw down in the valley where we had just left , 5 skinny but long tornado looking objects coming from a common area in the clouds from a ring pattern and extending down to the ground forming a cage of the tornado tails at ground level, this was located about 5 miles south of the river . I have also watched the silent jet planes spray their con trail in front of a weak cloud formation and turn the white clouds dark and the wind would pick up and a sprinkle of rain would fall, i seen this happen 3 times in the same general area. I have took pictures of the con trails and I looked at the pictures there were cartoonish looking UFOs in the pictures that I did not see with my eyes m, I have also noticed that when the contrails are being sprayed that I see a lot of turkey buzzards, as many as 70 at a time circling over head, I had never seen more than 10 at a time before the great increase on con trails over head that started about 10 years ago. I’m hoping for replies from anyone experiencing the same sights and if you just want to mock and dismiss me, go ahead I don’t care if you feel you must .I rather be taken seriously but I realize that my observations may sound unbelievable to some people, but I will swear to anything that this is all true and accurate descriptions without any added actions and without exaggerations .

  4. Hi,
    Please would anyone tell me the meaning of my dream ?
    last night i dreamt about myself seeing through a crystal ball a highly glowing burning of clouds to an extend that the glow wants to damage my eyes ,,, the burning seemed to have powerful sound vibrations.

    what could that mean……?

  5. I dreamt of Orange clouds, like a dust strom type of clouds, and they looked somewhat close. I was in a school and I was playing soccer, I was with a teacher and a few people from school that I have known a long time. In the dream I turned around and at the other side of the sky the clouds were grey, almost white. The sky In the middle was blue .

  6. In my dream, I had witnessed Black ominous clouds rolling in from the front of my house and the clouds were glow red from inside as if something was on fire inside of it. There were also people screaming as their house were Engulfed in the cloud. As the clouds faded the people who were still alive were in a trance of some sort. Their presence felt uncomfortable and evil.

  7. I had a dream lastnite that there was a bad storm approaching. I was in a huge house with some other people I can’t remember. I stepped onto the balcolny which was high up to see the storm progression and I looked up to dark clouds moving decently fast. I look down and it the same. Dark clouds. I’m very confused because I’ve never had a dream like this before. I’m interested in knowing a little bit more about this dream.

  8. I had a dream where someone shot me in the neck and shoulder with a revolver. For the rest of my dream I watched a dark cloud move from the far corner towards me. I felt helpless and scared as if once the cloud reached me it meant I was going to die. The dream felt so real and when I woke up I felt pain where I had been shot in my dream.

    What could this mean? Is there a meaning…?

  9. My dream is very scary. It’s a cool summer day and I find myself and my family sitting inside the house looking out the window. I see these individual black clouds form and loom over different spots in the city and then a different view of individual black clouds all over the world. People go outside and look at these weird black black clouds out of curosity, I knew something was to be feared and I was right. Black long arms with hands 5 to ten hands at a time came out of the black cloud and picked up many people into the air and disintegrated them. Then the each black cloud has a big eye searching in Windows to find the next person to destroy. My family and I are in hiding and then go running to get away. The clouds were still searching left and right to kill every person they could find. What could this mean??? It just makes me think of the end of the world.

  10. My dream took place during the daytime and the sky was beautiful. It was a beautiful sky blue with white clouds in the sky and the land was clean with modern building structures that were surrounded by a beautiful vast ocean. It looked like a very pretty island like a vacation resort were you go to have fun and get away from the everyday busy city life. Out of the sky appeared very thick black smoke that quickly formed into the shape of huge majestic eagles. There were two eagles made out of very dark smoke and they were flying towards me. In my dream I saw them as if they meant that the end of the world had just begun and that they were symbolic of the end but since they started heading towards me I felt like something bad was going to happen to me. As the dark smoke eagles approached me I felt them begin to consume me into their lair of dark smoke which quickly trapped me inside a dark bubble. I could see through the dark bubble that encased me and even though I could see through it I saw everything alot darker through the bubble. I could not get out by myself no matter how hard I tried and needed help from the outside to get out of the bubble. Finally I saw a couple of people heading towards me and others behind me who were also trapped by the same kind of dark bubble trying to get out. Finally I was released from the dark bubble by having the outsiders rip the dark bubble with their own two hands. The trapped and the outsiders were all dressed in bathing suits as well as myself since this dream took place during the summer and we were all looking forward to enjoying the awsome pools and beaches that beautiful place had to offer. I was a summer resort island that looked like paradise and the only thing in my dream that was threatening were the eagles made of dark smoke and the dark bubbles that formed around us when the dark smoke eagles finally reached the unlucky individuals in my dream. This is definitely the kind of dream that if we were to dream about it we could never forget about it!! I am seeking the true meaning behind my dream since I have tried to look it up on various web pages about dreams but have not found any explanations or interpretations on anything like my dream. I would appreciate it if anybody could read this post and tell me what this dream really means.

  11. my dream was about me looking up at the sky and its grey in color with white bright clouds which the clouds start forming into numbers and the sound of rumbling coming from the sky. people start getting scared and shouting ” chrst is coming” and “the end is here ” only numbers i remember are 452 and 61. in my dream i run to my mothers house ( which she passed 18 years ago ) and i’m hugging her and crying.

  12. I had the most terrified dream two nights ago. I was asleep in the bed and a really dark cloud was over me and there was black hands reaching out trying to grab me. I don’t know what it means but it really scared me.. I don’t know if I was really dreaming it or if I was awake if that makes any sense at all

  13. I had a dream about me being in what I thought was heaven, I was happy and there were bright colors and clouds were all around so then I see a cloud coming down to me so I jump in front of it and get “stuck” in it. I mean I’m happy that I dreamt about bright colorful things but does me getting stuck in the cloud mean anything ?

  14. I find these things so amazing. I had to do research if it was just a coincidence but I am currently 32 weeks pregnant. Before I even knew I was pregnant one dark night while walking home from his moms house down the street I looked up at the full moon and saw what seemed to be a baby laying on a big fluffy cloud, I nudged my boyfriend saying do you see that & faster than we knew it, it was gone. A week later I found out I was pregnant! I found this so crazy and didn’t know what to think about it! So reading some of these are so amazing to me!

  15. My dream felt very real. A bunch of us were at a lake and someone said “just wait” and then all of a sudden a single, slightly big, cloud came and spashed into the water. We swam to it, as we got closer the white colour turned into a very light pinkish purpley colour. I was hesitant to touch it, everyone else wasn’t. And I looked ahead and saw more clouds spashing in. And then I touched it, it felt like nothing I had ever felt before. It felt like all soft and comfortable things combined. I don’t know what any of that means

  16. I always get a dream where I am in one of my far relatives house(who are jealous of me) In that house so many strange things happen to me, like black thingy blocking/tying me completely to move ahead, sometimes black cloud coming near me. I don’t even think of them at all but somehow end up seeing them in my dreams. Let me know does this dream mean that they are trying to harm me through black magic or is it just a dream.

  17. I haf a dream last night and I checked the internet saw people with the same dream. But what is scary is a dark cloud spiral shape wotg a hole in the center on an eye and some fast strips small lines moving fast to the center and looks like it roams around the earth.. Its really awesome and its low coud and its big thanks

  18. Last night I had a dream that I was standing on top of a mountain with my cousin and my son. The view was incredible as we were above the clouds watching them move in between the mountain ranges and over the valleys.
    At one point the clouds started to gather and they became thick and fluffy then they started to move in a spiral pattern and we watched as a cyclone system formed. It was just like the pictures from the space station. It was incredible to watch from above. Then it started getting icy and freezing over we watched as the whole cloud system froze like a lake but it had the whirlpool hole in the middle. I was so curious to step on the ice and see what what happening down that hole but I also knew it wasn’t a good idea. Then I noticed movement and saw my cousin running straight for the hole! It was icy and it sloped down so she lost her footing and fell down the hole. I screamed and panicked not sure if I should follow her or stay with my son. I decided to stay with him on top of the mountain with the sadness and shock we sat down and after a while my cousin approached us and she was covered from head to toe in mud, dirt and twigs. She said she fell for what seemed forever and then landed in this marsh. She was surprised she made it but she did and then I had to stop my son from wanting to try it!
    I’m not sure what it all means and if I chose to miss out on an extraordinary experience or if I was lucky to have passed on doing it?
    Any thoughts would be appreciated, thank you.

  19. I dreamed I was meeting a girl at her house. I don’t remember getting there but waiting in a room for her to get ready. I was sitting by a window and fog or dark clouds came in through the window. It was thick and I could not see through it. As it got closer I felt iris. I tried to grab at it to see if it were real and it pulled away and went back out the window. The girls home was long like a boat and as I waited, the clouds came back in. This went in several times but in sitting and watching the clouds it appreared as though the home was breathing and the cedars clouds came in and went back out as if the house was breathing it in and blowing it back out. The house was silent though. She had a friend who was a female police officer and I went in the other room to see if it was going on in there and she told me she knew of this cloud or dark fog. Throughout the dream I felt weird and then I woke up realizing that I had had this dream about fogs or this dark cloud. Also, in the dream, this house of hers overlooked what seemed to be an ocean of fog that reacted like water and as if we were on a boat. This fog was splashing against the side of the barricade that seemed like we were on some kind of mountain. And though the house was not rocking, the dark clouds gave me the impression we were high up in the air or that there was an abyss below. Seemed like I was on a mountain top but I couldn’t see nothing more than outside the window.

  20. After a long period of praying this morning, I closed my eyes and saw a layer of dark clouds with a funnel of light shinning UP through the clouds!

    I have never seen light shinning UP through clouds before.

  21. Hello,

    I had a dream on October5, 2014, I was taking a nap. I was outside and the clouds opened up, and I saw a picture of what could have been angels or a circle of the 12 apostles, or great men of the bible. Then it closed back up. Does anyone knows what that mean. A year or so ago I was standing in my garage in the first house I ever owned, and I saw a very bright glowing figure at the edge of my garage, it lasted maybe 5 no more than 6 seconds.

  22. Nearly 24 hours later, I’m still thinking about this dream, so it must be worthy of some kind of interpretation. I was at a water area~ no idea if it was ocean, sea or river ~ and a weather front moved in which seemed a total surprise, but, it moved quickly from left to right and I kept thinking that there was some sort of environmental disaster that I hadn’t heard about ~ not only were the clouds moving at record speed, they were wonderfully beautiful, yet looked threatening somewhere else. The water nearby just looked unhealthy and I kept stopping little ones from diving in because of thickening smoke above the water where it was difficult to see everyone. Although the situation seemed dangerous, I saw it as a natural and ‘distanced’ warning that was somehow alarming yet not relatable.

  23. I saw a strange dream last night where i saw few people of my own could not remember exactly who all i guess my parents my family people wer around and they wer talking about some natural calamities like volcano and cyclone and suddenly the clouds turned into dark red colour.

    Please let me know is it a sign for something bad to happen in my life

  24. I have a very strange dream last night. I was walking in the dark (Normally I get scared when it’s dark and I prefer not to be alone), but in that dream it was different, I wasn’t scared at all. There was a cloud that resembled a face of a woman and it followed me every step of the way, bringing some light reflection to where I was walking. I’m still confused, I really would love to know the meaning of the dream.

  25. I had a very odd dream that inward walking outdoors, calm , normal and in the sky I noticed the clouds begin to take shape. It was amazing and somewhat scary because of the magnitude of change in the sky right over me. Scary but not frightening , awe inspiring – like I didn’t fear harm just felt very small and vulnerable. The clouds formed an eagle with spread wings and then the wings drew in around the eagle (still in formation) and closed in around the bird. The birds face lowered, like tucked in the closed wings, eyes closed and I could tell the bird was sleeping or had closed eyes but was breathing and peaceful. I knew the eagle, at that point was a baby eagle. The dream has been on my mind all day. What does it mean?

  26. I had a dream when birds looked like water and ice coming from the skies going though one side of building coming out on the other side without damaging the windows then it start raining but itthe rain was turning into little ice or crystals as they drop it will turn into these flying birds looking like water with glistening of sparkles but didn’t harm no one

  27. i had a dream of a big rain cloud shaped like da head of jesus and it grew out and turn into a face and the eye were like blue planets swirling and i ran in the house

  28. Hi! I had a dreamed i got called to a interview and i was raining and lightning and i was trying to hurry uo and go but eventually i didnt and then the sun started shining after it stopped raining.

  29. I had a dream where I was a passenger in a car, it was dark then a flash of lightning stuck in the distance and the clouds turn a yellow/purple colour. A gust of wind blew the clouds, and they started spriling and at the top was a man with an evil face smiling at me. What’s does that mean??

  30. Just had the oddest dream ever…I was the age I am now, but I was living in a place from when I was a child…the moon was full, a couple of my cousins were outside with me playing hide-n-seek with me and an old friend then they just disappeared. I went inside and I was in my apartment that I live in now. But it was a mess!! (Messier than it is now…) lol…Grandma and Jack were both with me and then Cici stopped by with Jess and Ayla and they dropped off some stuff for me and after they left, I went back outside. I noticed the moon was full, and the kids were back…we tried to take a picture of them and the full moon but when I went to take the picture, the weather started changing. Like, tornado type winds, the sky was purple and the clouds were blue. But the moon was it’s normal color and the stars were too. The kids disappeared again. Then the clouds started moving around in a kaleidoscope type pattern so I ran inside. When I tried to close the door, the wind almost ripped it out of my hands and the cat almost got out. (Yes, Dixie was in it too!!) and I went into the kitchen. On my way back into the living room, there was a little black and grey puppy on top of a box that looked like a raccoon!! He ran towards me and I freaked out because I didn’t know he was a puppy and then he licked my face…I looked outside and the sky was getting worse so I sat down and snuggled the puppy against me and then I woke up…

  31. I dream of doing my laundry , while i’m on the top of a big rock a saw the clouds coming and become darken and i was worry about my laundry cloth while i’m running i saw a snake i din’t scare of the snake then i call my nephew to help me getting our cloths coz the rain is coming.

  32. Last night I had this really strange dream.
    I was with my family and wanted to go somewere far away, but nobody wanted to go with me, so I walked alone. In the way there was this lake with trees inside the water, and the water was clear green, in my dream it was almost night. I was walking over a path of cuttet tree trunks that were below the water level, and there were many stranger doing the same path has I. Suddenly a really black cloud appearded, like the smoke of a big fire, it was beautiful but really scary, and people were scared and start screaming…I run away, first over the tree trunks, but i was so scared I started to walk over water because I couldnt se the trunks anymore. I arrived to land and my sister told me it was not a storm but a gunshot that made that black cloud.
    This dream disturbed me….any words about it?

  33. Hi, I dreamt that I am in a balcony seeing sunset above the clouds with shades of orange and yellow color from the sun’s rays, actually not surr if sunrise or sunset but in the midway… What is that all about ?!

  34. I dreaming the place of community center has a biggest gate but many people came to the door want to entering but at the top of the gate I saw the biggest cloud changed the colour but was so bright and shining. Many people are stand out side the door they cant saw it or enter there for bighting, but few people was enter in. I Saw many children playing out side the door but they did not enter her.

    if its possible replying me on my email

  35. Last I had a dream about muself flying and sunshines bright on my face with a blue sky and people were sitting down smilling and waving hands for me.I wa so happy smilling to and then after that I landed in a roof with a door, I enterd and I saw my deacesed aunt whom were not getting along with and we talk she says good thigs just I don’t remmember. After that I saw a tent at my bf home people were happy eating and drinking and then. He came along and introduce me to this people and they were also happy to see me after that they were guys who was fighing and even trying to hit me with hoes and sticks but I defeat myself.

  36. On the 27th December, 2013, I dreamt The Lord descending from the sky in brownish – golden to reddish clouds. He was seated on the throne. Though I did not see His face, I realised a crown above His head. All of a sudden he was joined by biblical prophets. I ran to inform others to come and share what I was seeing. It was all joy. I am left with unanswered question of “what does the dream signifies?” It was my first time to have encounter with The Lord visionwise.
    Help and attach the meaning to the dream. Thank you.
    N. Lebani

  37. i had a dream that i was seeing clouds yellowish and would turn with then yellow again. i was telling my sister in laws a storm is coming get in the car, once we got into the car they turned into one big cloud and then it turned into a tornado and i was rebuking it in the name of Jesus I kept repeating my prayer, at that time the tornado was over the car and looked as if the tunnel of it was coming sideways to rip the door off.I felt if the air was getting sucked out of me. finally it left and the sky was clear. then i looked at the car door it was so damaged and crushed in like if it was hit with a bulldozer. but we where ok

    • Chris, I am not a dream interpreter, but from experience, I think I know the meaning of your dream. There will be difficult times in your life to the point that you will almost certainly want to give up, but because you will be prayerful and hard working to succeed, you will surely laugh loud at last in your life.

      The year 1996 was the year I met the mother of my four kids. I might one
      day explain how that happened.

      She dreamed in 1997 and saw a stormy weather and later it rained so heavily that both of us clothes got very wet and suddenly, the sun began to shine so hot that she said my clothes got so dried than hers.

      Sincerely my friend, we struggled very long to the point that we barely ate food for many days. But beginning in 2006, our lives changed dramatically to goodness . We’ve built houses and we currently live in the United States with our kids.

      Expect winter in your life, but don’t give up, get prepared for it, you summer will surely come in Jesus name, Amen!

  38. In my dream I had gone somewhere and when I got back clouds were all over the place, mainly white and fluffy and some light pink ones. I liked this but was at the same time feeling scared to see so many clouds at such close proximity. I asked what was happening and was told that there was a terrible storm and after the storm the clouds were on the ground. The dream ended with me trying to touch these clouds and to understand what could have happened.

  39. I had a dream where I was walking through an open and sunny path but above me was a big, black cloud that was changing shape, then I could feel it adhere to me as if it was becoming part of me or something, but I could see the dark spots moving on my skin. What does that mean? I just remember I had it, and I don`t remember it being long, it was just that.
    What does it mean?! Please!!

  40. E I was in my apartment taking out clowns or alike to
    decorate the table. I looked out of the window, because
    Heavt rain was falling. I watched the heavy rain falling
    From the clouds and I panicked, but somehow I pretended
    To be calm and went out for a drive in the stormy
    My phone, that had fallen on my floor, and which I tried

    base, maybe because I fell. I wanted to enter in a huge
    building but every time I got discouraged and just kepr
    at a distance from it. Then I got in front of it, and I was
    surprised to see many white letters with a lot of ‘cool’
    words. The cool words disappeared and I entered the
    building. I entered a chamber in which the luxury fashion
    brand CHANEL was having a meeting with their personel.
    I was accepted by the staff but I felt guilty for my woolen
    dress was too short, showing part of my sexy buttocks

    I saw it in a huge brass elegant mirror but the people just
    behaved as if there was nothing wrong.
    To pyll together with the screwdriver, was a little twisted at th

  41. i dreamt of mild not too dark clouds in the sky there were a few & they kept transforming into things.. i dreamt again of clouds but i dont quite remember the color.. i dreamt 3yrs ago i was lifted into the sky & there were no clouds in sight then the planet earth & other planets in the solar system came together..i was scared at first & then the lights bouncing off from the planets made me feel better & they surrounded me while i was floating above them & smiling i didnt want to leave.. i felt at peace & didnt want to come back down to land. I always have intresting dreams but these by far felt different.

  42. Hi Admin,

    I dont know if this is true or I am dreaming. I see a piece of dark clouds that moving down and hitting the green grass. I am young that time and I am with my families strolling at the park. These clouds, I think, I am only one seeing it because I ask my mother but she does not see the small piece of black clouds hitting the grass. I notice the dark cloud when hits the grass I hear a sound like when you putting off the fire from the charcoal. And it is so interesting that the grass is not burning but there are white smoke where the cloud hit.

    This last year I saw the black cloud again going down and hitting the trees but this time I am awake. I saw it when we are driving the road.

    Please can some one interpret this. Send me through my email.

  43. My dream about Clouds. lt was the day before December 21, 2012 I saw a huge gray disc shaped cloud covering half the sky underneath that cloud was a small cloud shaped like a crab or bug they were both moving in the same direction in the dream I thought that these clouds were a sign about dec 21 2012

  44. I had a dream during my nap this morning where I looked out my dorm window and saw that it was getting windy. The leaves were blowing into circles on the ground. Then these dark black clouds started rolling in, almost as if they had a life of their own. Then out of the clouds came a ton of crows who flew, landed on the ground, then looked at me. I think I talked to them but the weird thing was that one of the crows was the color red. She had to little ones that were white and spotted, while the other crows were black. I went to go walk over to another part of the parking lot, where we were. But when I turned back, the crows were gone. I am part Native American and my totem animal/spirit guide is a crow and a wolf, so I am wondering if the red crow was my spirit guide trying to tell me something…

  45. i dreampt i was in a long white flowy cloud and the voice spoke to me and gave me advice then i turned my head and saw stars, before i wen tto sleep that night i heard music in my ears

  46. I dreamed a female mentor of mine was helping me ascending into the clouds by holding on to my back as she flew straight up into the atmosphere like Superman. I could feel the acceleration in my stomach like if I was really ascending. Once at the clouds, I touched the soft white clouds with my left hand and felt in very distinct soft moist texture. I woke up as I held there touching the clouds.

  47. A couple of days ago I dreamed I was outside with a close coworker, she was giving me a new hairstyle but it looked really bad, she didn’t know what she was doing and I knew this but I wad letting her anyway, I then looked down St my close sbd I was wearing a white long sleeve shirt that was too small around the bust area, nothing was showing but I could see where the shirt stretched, and I had on long Jean skirt that reached my ankles, (this style of clothes is uncharacteristic of me ) my little sister then comes up to me with my baby nephew, Michael, (I have custody of him, he is 7 months right now), he looks about 3, he had been playing and had gotten his clothes dirty, I tell my lil sis to take him to our mom’s house to clean up and change sbd to keep him there until I’m done, my sis tells me that our mom is a little tired so she probably wont watch him and that she’ll probably be bringing him back, I say ok and j hug him, when I look down at my clothes, the grass stains that Michael had on hid clothes are now on my skirt, the sky then turns red sbd a storm is heading towed us vomit from the direction of where our mom lives, th clouds are now black and the words “crisom storm ” comes to mind, my lil Sis then says that we need to leave b4 the storm reaches us, that we need to ride thru it because when we come out we will be behind the storm instead of in front of it, my Susan left with my nephew and I told my coworker that we need to go, she said she wanted to finish my hair, I said no and began to leave, my coworker then turned into my older sister and I got in my car sbd she got in hers. I starter my car sbd was leaving out of the parking area when I looked back and saw that my older sis had got in an accident pulling away from the curb, her car hit the curb and broke down it was smoking and she was coughing, I became frustrated with her and wondered how she managed to crash her car coming from the curb, I was upset that she was holding us up and a storm was heading our way, then I woke up

  48. Last night, I dreamt of 3 dead relatives, mainly my parental grandmother sitting on a table talking with an aunty. There’s one granduncle I’ve never met but I saw his face and there’s another granduncle sitting solitude at a corner. Then I was dipping lipstick in a hot soup asking if this is poisonous? Later, I see glistening sun with colorful clouds , and around are green hills.

    What could this mean?

  49. i had a dream last night that i was driving and i had 3 cats in my truck and they were fighting and so i stoped at this house to let them out and 2 of them got out but the last on gave me trouble and it bite me but i had to go throu this house to get to where i was going but dont know where i was going and when i entered the house i had this black cloud go inside of me and then i prayed for it to get out and to go back to its world and then i rember in my dream i raised up and saw the cloud leaveing my body and when it did i took a deep breath and then i woke up

  50. This dream happens every once in awhile where im flying and clouds always tend to limit where i go. Theyre just white n grey n calm but im always afraid to go in. The info has been helpful thanks

  51. i had a dream that i was sitting down very cozy as i look through the window ai saw big blak clouds passing very fast but one blavk cloud try to get in but couldnt so it passed after it passed i saw a beautiful white horse with wings flying and passing around the house in circles as if making sure we were ok only thing was i was the only one that could see the horse no one else i told them can you see it and they said no, one lady reply and said only you can see it and its because of you that the horse is here and i said oh yes thats right ,then i look at the cieling that was open i could see the heavens opened and i saw a man on a white horse with a crown on his head and a sword in his hand and in back of him was a host of angels ,then i woke up..

  52. I had a very strange dream, On the dream I was sleeping and this black cloud/smoke came over me and was holding me down I could scream or let myself go, I started praying and eventually could switch the light on, after that when I woke up in the dream I had suffered a stroke. It was very frightening,is there a meaning to it.

    • hi,
      As per your explanation i think u r very swt and soft hearten person who believe in god and evils both. As per me if u make your self strong and whenever u wl again c these kind of dreams then remember your beautiful moments and also start chanting of the god on which u believe strongly.main thing is your possitive attitude towards god and thoughts aswell.
      So all the very best for you and reply if this works.

  53. Last night I dreamed that my sister and friend were outside walking around town, and soon, my sister points out that she sees a big yellow thing in the sky. At first I didn’t see it, then I did and it was a light yellow cloud in the shape of a number with a fraction. There was a house behind us and the owner came out to hurry up and get inside nNOW! When we were in there my mom was playing poker and we told her about the cloud and she didn’t really care but told us to writte the numbers down on a piece of paper and when we looked out the window the yellow cloud was still there only u could see storm coming in and the same number repeating and repeating in green and yellow. I woke up and forgot what the numbers were but i knew everything else….

  54. I had an unusual dream, the sky was clear+ bright, suddenly a huge rolling white cloud formed. It broke into 3 pieces which each piece was carrying some sort of flying machine(closely resembling jet planes, but not really). In an instant small clouds shaped like ribbons(like upside down magnetic support ribbons that people put on cars) littered the whole sky and started moving as if the too were flying to a specific destination. I felt very mellow and intrigued by what I was seeing, but others around me were panicking.

  55. HI!

  56. hi

    my dream was scary!!! i was walking down south shore near the beach gorgeous sunny day with my pregnant friend, everyone was in the sea loving it, next minute the sky dropped down went vry dark next thing the sky opened up and lightning striked people in the sea, we ushed to a taxi where i went to north shore to get my younger brother and i could see the sky was low but thick ice, i cant remember much after the but veryone was melting it

  57. what does my dream mean?
    i dream about the clouds. there was 2 open hands showing. the day was nice and a sunny day with a beautiful light blue sky.

    i dream it very othen,the hands or the lord coming to me…and saying i must come,,,im so blessed thank the lord for that.

    this is not a dream was real-there was one day i went out and i got a feeling saying i must look up to the sky, this was also a beautiful day…and then i saw this picture in the clouds.. the picture was of some one laying in a coffin…i found it weird what was it telling me. 2 day later i received a call saying one of the family members died… the weird part was that picture in the clouds was only meant for my eyes… reason for being when i saw that picture i told my domestic worker to look the picture started to fade…. ooops and i got this dream also much othen that i see a little baby in the clouds…and few days later my brothrt wife was gonna have a baby…so the lord is telling me things before any one is telling me what will happen next…like i said god is good to me… he warn me before the time some thing will happen.if i dont get it by dream i see it in the clouds… the is days i see his face in the clouds and i just say THANK YOU LORD for what you done…i do believe that god will still use me as a instrument…That is my tory of the clouds…just to tell you people God is alive he never sleep…

    can any one please tell me what my dream mean, i would really appreciate it alot.
    Thank You God Bless
    Amy Johnson
    Cape Town
    South Africa…
    If any one can please explain to me about my dreams,please email me to my following mail.
    [email protected]

  58. I have had two dreams about clouds. The first was in 1997 and the other was in 2008.

    In 1997, I dreamed and saw at first, a very clear blue sky and later, words appeared in uppercase letters. I tried to read the words but failed because a stormy light (or transparent) white cloud appeared over them. But i could recognize letters like T, H and E.

    In 2008, I dreamed and saw myself sitting in a graduation gown at a graduation program and thereafter, a city appeared in a white cloud. Then, I heard a voice saying that is the state of California.

    After the 2008 dream, I decided to observe this cloud dream to see the aftermath in my life. Anyway, two years later in 2010, my family (wife and three little kids) became immigrants in the US from Africa and guess; the person who filed the affidavit of support for us was from California where we finally landed. The person who filed the affidavit of support for us was a person I had never seen before and who did not know me as well, but we became friends through Facebook.

    • Hi Prince

      I am not i dream teller.. im only giving my point to refering to your dream…hope you dont mind.

      Ive also had once a dream simular as yours…
      I get warnings through my dreams… Dreams tells us alot… it also symbolize us warnings or something good will come our way.. or something bad…

      You might be getting an award for good work you’ve done at work or must be in your family.
      Im not sure but you dream might be telling you that you will meet someone that was very special to you those days…or you might be going to places and meeting wonderful people…it might not happen now but one day it will come soon your way.
      Another thing is the part of you saying”became friends through Facebook” please becareful do not accept any one on facebook…your dream could tell you something…

      Please take your dreams seriously at times…like i do…

    • Search untuk dream of cloud shaped like hand and wing’. Maaf saya tak tahu, Sudah coba mencari untuk artinya. Mungkin orang yang lain bisa menjelaskan lalu saya bisa menjelaskan do bahasa Indonesia 🙂

  59. I dreamed my older sister was saying “I hate living here” very
    strongly, Then we were walking down a street in Sydney, towards the Quay. I was saying this is so lovely and so beautiful and she was agreeing. Then I looked up at the sky and saw a cloud which was shaped like a baby

    • Hi Estelle

      your dream might be telling you that there will be a baby coming into the family soon…must be a very beautiful one..

      Just giving my point of view

      • Can you help me with my dream? I had a dream I was in a house with another woman and I looked out the window and saw a cloud shaped like a baby and the baby was happy and kicking it’s feet and I started looking at the other clouds and they read “The world will end soon”.

        • Update: The dream I had about the baby in the clouds meant that I was pregnant and I didn’t even know it until after the dream I started having pregnancy symptoms.

  60. My dream was of me riding in a vehicle with my aunt. I looked up and saw that the sky was smoke grey and the clouds were dark grey, almost black. The cloud formed a huge circle, inside were two clouds(same dark color). One of a crab and the other a huge star. I then put my left hand out the driver side window and grabbed a piece of the cirle portion of the cloud. It felt of foam. I remember not liking the texture so I flicked it from my fingers. Couldn’t help but wonder, this can’t be good.

  61. The dream I had last night was scary, it was filled with people from my past, the clouds were stormy and dark and hovered over me! I came to realize the clouds were after me personally. I kept finding refuge at friends houses and every time I went outside it would be sunny with white fluffy clouds but after a short time the clouds would return and begin storming and directing anger and violence towards me. I had to continue to lay low, go outside for short periods of time and nobody could say my name as to not draw attention towards me to draw the clouds back because they would grow so big it would cover the whole city. I have no idea what any of this means I’ve never had a dream like this before! Any ideas??

  62. I saw myself touch a cloud,in another phase i saw the clouds moving nd pple runing to touch dem.I Also startd running towards it bt couldn’t hold it. It was taken into d air. (Up).

  63. I had a strange dream involving a lot more than than just clouds but the clouds were one of the more terrifying parts. There were both black and white clouds, neither of them good but the black ones were absolutely terrifying.

  64. I had a dream the other day that I was floating high above the clouds with my boyfriend. In my dream in was a bright sunny day, and we were smiling, things were perfect, we were holding hands the whole time. I eventually fell into a deep sleep, but when I woke up I was happy.

  65. my dream was that i seen a hand reach down to me like two or three times, then after that i was walking in a park and seen two dogs they both was on long chains and start running but the chain had them and a man was standing there with the dogs i went to run pass but then the dogs was coming back so i ran back to my spot, and then,i seen some guys running like they was jogging or something, and i got scared.

  66. well my dreem was kinda crazy i was in like a classroom but suddenly everyone just keeped on seen out the window so i decided to go and check it out and as soon as i looked out i suddenly see this huge yellow cloud pasing by slowly and everybody out side was like freaking out but then sudennly this man starts to shake like the cloud was electrifying him and at it kill him then the cloud was gone

  67. I dreamt of dark clouds covering all the sky like there will be a super typhoon coming, at the same time, I feel like there is a huge wave coming. I turned panic and tried to call my family in the phone that we should get out from that place but it was too late, of all of a sudden there was a light in the hole up in the sky but I couldn’t remember anything that I saw this powerful girl from a far in armed and started killing people or made a war. She was there flying and I felt telepathy on that girl that she was forced to do killing and she was suffering from a great pain. But the girl was so scary that I could see her great wrath or an angry but calm face taking a great revenge, something like that. I jumped on the canal with grasses and hid myself there. I found myself safe and many people were caught and killed. The heavy dark clouds were still there.

  68. I had a terrifying dream. The sky was a hazy red and the sun looked like it was going through some type of lunar eclipse and then all of a sudden it looked like a tornado was rolling through the skies but weren’t doing any damage to the house. I remember my family and I huddled together but I was the only one facing what was going on. Then all of a sudden the sun turned into a face and started laughing every time I would tell to family to stay strong. The sun would disappear and reappear laughing and at one point, everything just stopped. And then the black clouds came in and looked like stacks of black clouds everywhere while the sun looked like it was setting. Terrifying dream

  69. Hi,
    few days ago i dreamt of a white, wet and fleecy peice of cloud coming down to me. I grabbed it and was so happy that I got it. This was when I was standing on the backyard next to my home door. i hugged it and went inside home happy with it.

    • I had almost a similar dream (a small reachable cloud). Were able to find out what your dream meant??

      So the only part i rmmber is looking out a car window while driving and near home i see a shallow cloud probably 1.5ft in diameter. At first it looked kinda high but then once we were passing by it, it felt like i could reach it. And so i asked the car to be stopped and i ran out looked at it; it looked a little bit dirty. Even so, i still eagerly jumped up to grab it (it felt almost familiar like a melting snowball), then once in my hands it started to quickly dissinegrate. So i quickly asked my mom to take a picture fast but for some reason she couldn’t or didn’t know how to work her phone and my aunt didn’t know how to work her camera. Before long, it was too late as all the density of the cloud have dissolved. Then i felt deep sorrow, threw the outer dirty covering of the cloud and went back in the car.

  70. My dream last night was crazy… I was in a big house with my kids and there was a windy storm outside with huge black clouds. It was so windy the house lifted into the sky and I could see the black clouds from the windows. My kids were looking out the windows amazed at what was going on outside.. I thought a tornado could develop so i went to the basement but it was full of water. I called my mother to see if she was ok and she said she accidently left a window open and some clouds got in and made a huge mess. What could all that mean?

    • It means that you have a fantasy about being doroty from the wizard of oz. Your kidsa are the oompa loompas, your husband is the tin man, your sister is the wicked witch, your mom is the good witch, and my balls are the flying monkeys.