Clown dream meanings


Laughter makes you healthy, often bittersweet joy.


Do I have to suffer in order to be cheerful?

General Meanings:

Psychological disturbance Clown is interpreted partially as repressed insecurity, inhibitions and feeling of inferiority which lead to the fact that you can make others jesters or even do this at the moment; you must work, partly with the help of a psychotherapist if you unable to cope with psychological disturbance with your own force. The clown maybe express, that you deviates from the standards and maybe, you even been mocked.

Hidden personality Also, it may be that the clown appears as a sign that the dreamer tries to hide his true self behind a mask, to pretend someone to his environment. If we want to interpret closer you must pay attention to the actions of the clown. Old dream books occasionally see in the clown the announcement of an approaching honoring.

Psychological Meanings:

Gestalt psychology between laughing and crying – the feeling of insecurity (can be also interpreted sexually). Women who see themselves in the role of the clown, are the typical funny girl: always so wittily and sweet as possible – driven by fear, the only way to attract anyone, because of the fear to be punished with withdrawal of love. For men clown in the dreams have another meaning: the fear to make himself ridiculous – or the wish to be popular in spite of some weakness and dubious behavior.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Worst feelings if seeing a clown in a dream – The dream shows uncertainty, fear of mockery and feeling of inferiority. Also this dream shows that you will participate in frivolous relations;
  • Lack of understanding and Different experience if you are a clown – You will find out that your friends do not understand you, means that other people hold you simple-minded. Also in the near future you will experience periods between deep humiliation and humble existence;
  • False friend if seeing a bad clown – In the dream the clown is bad, signifies that someone that seems trustworthy to you, plays a bad double game with you;
  • No support if seeing a sad clown – When your clown is sad in your dream, marks that somebody who is close to you, will not take seriously your intentions.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Hidden personality if being yourself a clown – In the dream you are the clown, this means that you want to hide under the mask in certain situation.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Mockery if seeing a clown – In the dream you see the clown this warns that you will be ridiculed by your actions.

Medicine Wheel Meanings:


Humor; lightness; happiness; heart; trick artist; confuser; holy; ceremony.


The clown is one of the additional symbols of the medicine wheel, when it comes as a stone or card set with an application. He is associated with the southern quarter of a circle and stands for humor. The clown was a holy being for many earthy peoples. He teaches to take yourself and the life not so seriously, but with humor – also when it is about “holy” moments. He plays an important role in a lot of ceremonies.

General Meaning

Humor; absence of humor; happiness; be tricked.


The sadness of the clown, silly person.

Transcendent Meaning

A trick artist. Duality. Be careful, if the clown appears in your dreams. What he calls on you, may be just the right thing, but as well exactly the wrong thing. Clowns will teach you to trust your intuition.

Contexts’ Meanings:

Being a clown in the dream – This dream symbols shows that you want to hide your real personality from the others. You hide you feelings, emotions under the mask because you do not want to show how you feel at the moment. The other meaning of the clown – You feel that you are funny and not so serious person for others. You may act too ridiculously, like a child and your conscious wants to warn you. You must be more serious and responsible, because this will not help  you to reach your goals. Alternatively, a clown indicates thoughtless or insincere actions.

The clown appears in the dream or you see it – When you see the clown in the dream, this signifies that people around you is hiding something from you. They are hiding their real faces. The do not take you as serious and responsible person, they only play with you. You have to watch your back if you want to avoid worries and troubles.

To dream that clown performs or acts on to you – In the dream when the clowns is performing to you, shows that he wants to make your life more happier, because at the moment you are feeling sad, you are tired. You must relax and go through some interesting and exiting thins. Try to enjoy the life. The clown in the dream tries to high your soul and mind.

Being attacked or chased by a scary or freaky clown in the dream – This dream signifies that you are trying to escape from the thing that you are afraid of. You are trying to run away from the worries or unpleasant things. You may have deceptive people or painful situation in your life. You are afraid that you may be tricked. You are trying to run away from this, but this is not a decision, you must face with your troubles.

Somebody (brother, sister, mother, friend etc.) is dressed like a clown – In your dream you see somebody you know dressed like a clown has too meanings. The first one, he/she is trying to make you happy, to make your life better, because you had very painful period in your life. The second meaning, signifies that people around you may be hiding their true intentions, trying to cheat you. You have to be very attentive with all your surrounding. Because they can make you serious damage.

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  1. I had a dream lastnight with clowns, My aunt (which in real life we haven’t spoken in 3 years) was going to buy a home on the water, when i went to see it i thought i was beautiful until i saw the waves of the ocean hitting the home and the house would then shake and tilt over. I kept telling her the home was dangerous and not to buy it but she kept insisting that she will buy it. The waves came in stronger and stronger at this point the home narrows out and its rocking so hard that I’m literally in the air and the water is coming in from the windows almost drowning us. After a few rocks the home stabilizes again. I told her then again it was not a good idea to buy this home, it’s very dangerous!! She told us to all spend the night to see how the home and location was during the night, i didn’t want to but then my dream suddenly changed to the night. I knew i wasn’t alone in the home but at this point in my dream i can only see myself. I heard like someone trying to break in from all entrances of the home (They must of been 3-4 way to get in) I went to the nearest one and looked out the window only to hear giggling and when i looked it was two clowns picking the locks trying to break in the home, i was scared because they looked evil as if they was going to do harm. At this point i had my two year old in my arms by my hip and i was walking back trying to get away, now as i am walking passed the rooms the other clowns had already broke in through the other entrances. Last thing i know I’m side by side with the clown who was up against the wall in a hiding position looking at me giggling. I then woke up!