Club dream meanings


Get together; camaraderie.


What I would like to include?

General Meanings:

The dreamer will soon meet with people who have the same objective and desires as he. They will have a possibility to implement them together, but you shouldn’t be affected by them.

Psychological Meanings:

Feeling of security To be a member in a club gives a sense of security, connection with like-minded people with the same interests. The feeling in the dream reflects, presumably the current feelings in your life. The dream was pleasant and made ​​you feel good, then this symbolizes that you feel secure in the family and among your friends.

Desire to be different But when you feel thrown out and ashamed in the dream, this happens because you do not accept the herd instinct especially in the youth, that you want to be different in any case then your own friends or adults.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Old fellows if be in club – In the dream you are in the club, then this may mean that you will meet people you didn’t see for some time. Also this dream warns that you should be careful and will not be influenced by them.

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