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What am I ready to bury?

General Meanings:

The importance of death When the coffin appears in the dream, then the dreamer remembers his mortality. Such a dream symbol is used to recognize the importance of death and the rites related with this. Perhaps the dreamer successfully came up with “the death” of relationship, now he can pure or overcome a sense of loss.

Luck and Worries Coffin also urges to bury the past, so that you can make life more carefree. If you lie in the coffin, this announces you luck, but you can not rely to much. The empty coffin indicates unnecessary worry.

Psychological Meanings:

With the death the symbol of coffin does not have much to do. There are some common dreams that may appear in the dream:

  •  If coffin is decorated richly, this can symbolize that a person has an important turning point in his life, he would like to make clear transition in any way.
  • The coffin closes something in the dream, paraphrases to say goodbye “that is all with the past now “. This also may be that the dreamer closes his mind against negative feelings and kills a part of himself.
  • If coffin is closed, the farewell of a person, or a professional position is approaching and this is imminent.
  • If coffin swims like a boat on the water, something will be swept away that frightened us.
  • If see a corpse in the coffin, perhaps wants to make separation with a friendship or even the loved one. This can also indicate a divorce.
  • If lying in a coffin, should forget the past and build only the new future.

Spiritual Meanings:

At the spiritual level the coffin symbol in the dream symbolizes redemption, resurrection and unhurt, salvation.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Buried past if seeing – This dream shows that your inner world says goodbye to the past. The new intentions can be realized when the old are buried;
  • Worries if a farmer is dreaming a coffin – This dream signifies that the harvest will be destroyed and cattle will get ill;
  • Debts if dreaming a businessman – Then he/she will have a pile of debts;
  • Hurt if dreaming young person – This is a bad omen, means that you will lose your loved one and announces bad relations which will damage your feelings very deeply;
  • Overcoming problems if seeing empty – The coffin is empty in your dream, then this denotes that in near future you will have unnecessary worries, but you will overcome them. also this marks that you will have a long age;
  • Unhappy family life and losses in business if seeing a body lying in the coffin – When the coffin is with a body in your dream, this indicates unhappy marriage and irrepressible offspring. Also announces a misfortune in the marriage or a partnership. From professional side  you will emerge setbacks or losses;
  • Troubles if seeing your own coffin – This shows about approaching family concerns and defeats in business or at work;
  • Happiness if seeing yourself lying in the coffin – Very good omen. This dream promises a happy event in marriage or partnership;
  • Contempt if seeing yourself as a corpse – Your corpse is lying in the coffin, this shows that your brave behavior will end in insulting and disgrace;
  • Examine your behavior if one sit on in a moving hearse – In the dream you are in the coffin and the hearse is moving,  it is a serious but not fatal disease on one or a closely related person, this may be connected with homosexual. You must reconsider your behavior with a friend or relative, because we have to love people such as they are;
  • Happiness and sadness if coffin is moving by itself – This dream shows that illness and marriage are close together, joys and sorrows will exchange with each other.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Good sign if seeing – In the dream you are seeing a coffin, this marks that sick persons will have recovery, for healthy people – long life;
  • Not firm luck if lying – In the dream you are lying in the coffin, indicates that you will have mutable and unstable luck.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Bad experience if seeing – In the dream you see a coffin, this announces you will experience bad destiny. This announces of great trouble or suffering;
  • Long life if lying in coffin – You are dreaming that you are lying in the coffin, this signifies about long life;
  • Hurt and worries if see somebody is lying in it – This dream symbol indicates , that the death will bring and prepare you pain and sorrow. Also you must reckon on difficulties in the business environment or your family affairs;
  • Illness if seeing empty – The coffin is empty in your dream, this shows that you will get ill, but you will recover. If you want to avoid disease , now you have to rest a little bit.

Contexts’ Meanings:

Seeing coffin in your dream – In the dream this symbol can mean great wealth. The coffin might mean the death of some part of yourself – this might be a hope, feelings connected with a relationship, buried behavior or habits. Also this shows that you have buried your past and now you are ready to create new future.

Dreaming that you are in the coffin / Being in the coffin – This dream symbol appears when you are thinking about your mortality. Maybe you are thinking what have you done in your life, will you leave something after you. You can feel that you are trapped in worries  and troubles. You are stuck and can’t find the way out.

Dreaming of coffin with a person ( mother, father, ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, partner, relative ) – In the dream a coffin with a person that you know, may mean that you have fear about this person’s health. Also this can show that you need more attention from the certain person which was in your dream. You are afraid to lose the connection or relation with him/her. But sometimes this may indicate the end of relation with that person, your conscious shows that it is time to separate, to bury the past.

You are hiding under or covering something in the coffin in your dream – These actions shows that you want to hide from your enemies or worries in your waking life. You try to cover yourself from unpleasant things. Also this may show that you want to hide your shame or bad behavior from the others, with such an action you try to bury this.

Seeing coffin of different colors ( white, black, brown, grey) – When white coffin appears in the dream, this symbol shows that you have already buried all the negative thoughts, habits and now you are pure to create new you with all the superior features. This will bring you prestige and prosperity. Black coffin – This dream refers that you want to hide some bad habits or even your unacceptable behavior. You want to bury your shame, to cover it that nobody will ever know this. Brown coffin –  Such color coffin announces illness or health problems. Your body and unconscious sends you a signal to take care of your health because you are near very serious disease. Grey coffin – This symbol appears when the dreamer step by step gets rid of painful feelings and thoughts. His mind is getting brighter.

Seeing empty coffin in the dream – To dream of an empty coffin presents a desire to change your thoughts or your life about something. Perhaps you have started to create new personality and get closer to yourself, your desires.

Dreaming the coffin with a child (kid, baby) – The coffin with a child appears when the dreamer has a desire to have children, but unable to conceive because of disease. And with this dream the dreamer buries the wish to become pregnant. Also it may be that the dreamer has a fear to lose the children or a child that he/she already has.

Dreaming of closed coffin – In the dream to see closed coffin, this may be interpreted as the end of something. This can be the loss ( not only by death) of friend, partner or professional position. This is a sign that there isn’t any possibilities to renew.

* Please, see meaning of grave, burial, funeral.

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  1. I dreamed that i went into a cemetery and open a casket which was empty. I took it and brought it home as being my casket . Every morning i would put a blue container inside it and then count money and then wait on my sister to help me take it out. On the last day my mom (she is not dead) can’t and help me comb my hair. But my sister. Did not help me take it out that morning

  2. i dreamed that me and my family was on our way to a party and i was sitting in the front cause my mom was driving and then she was telling me how she got this weird text from some random person and she scrolled to the top of their messages and the person sent her a picture of her lying in a coffin dead. when i saw the picture i just broke down and started screaming ad crying and i woke up.

  3. My elderly dad is very ill in hosp and in his dream i came to visit him with a coffin and he was in the coffin what can this mean im very worried is this a sign hes going to die

  4. In May of 1995 I dreamt I was in a dark room but in the distance there was an open coffin. I walked up to the coffin looked in and saw my father. Three months later he died. On September 18, 2017 this passed week I had a dream that I walked into a room and saw a coffin walked up to it looked in and saw my younger brother who is 56 laid out in a suit to rest! This is starting to upset me! I also had a dream a couple of years ago about a person /friend that I had never dreamt of before we were in a church in front of a Blessed Mother statue lighting a candle and one week later I was told he passed away! I am sensing a pattern and I’m just confused and I don’t know who to talk to about it!

  5. Pls I dreamt and saw a coffin and heard people mourning someone I know but something destructed my sleep and I couldn’t see who was actually lying in it……it’s not making me get a full meaning of this dream

  6. i dream last nyt a coffin decorated with very nice flowers.. white coffin.. but i ddnt know whos inside or if theres someone inside.. i just saw it in a known family before when me and my friend passed by.. i have 40000 money on my pocket as a savings coz i came from abroad… now my question is.. whats the connection of the coffin to money i save from abroad….. tnx

  7. I dream very rarely and cannot remember last since I was a child. I am 50 now. Last night I dreamt. My grandmother telling me to “turn the coffin” and vivid images of her too. Interested to know thoughts. She went home 20+ years ago. She was 90. Any thoughts anyone?? Would be grateful as it was vivid and I woke myself up.

  8. I dearmt of carrying a coffin assisted by unknown person from a room to outside of the room. There was no light in the room and it look iike if the room belong me. What is the meaning

  9. I have a dream. They used the coffin door to used it a main door in my sister house because at that time very stormy and when I reach my place they informed me that my husband help my sister to transfer to other house(me and my husband don’t have any communication/separated).

  10. I had a dream I was at my own funeral grandmother was right beside me and my dad was at the end of my coffin they was talking ..i was looking at my self in the coffin listening to my grandmother and dad talking I woke up stretching in my coffin than turn around and went back to sleep in my coffin..What do that mean..?

  11. I had a dream of a coffin being towed on the back of a vehicle on the highway. You could see the body as the top was not on the coffin.

    What does this mean?

    Thank you.

  12. I dreamt of a line of closed childrens coffins, different sizes & designs as far as I could see on the right hand side of cobbled street. I felt no fear. What does this mean

  13. I dream, my grandparent which died like 2 years ago , laying on our sofa which i presumed dead, and saw 5-6 coffins and talked to my big brother that, I saw it in my dream also to my sister, then at the time I approach my relatives to talk it about I saw more coffins and woke up! I prayed 20 mins it was 1:00am at that time. at the time I turned back to sleep, I heard some voice coming from a young lady calling me, then I didn’t go back to bed, instead I called my girlfriend to let her know what I dreamed.
    Can anyone tell me whats the meaning of it?

  14. It was monday when i was lying on my bed busy reading online newspaper of monday,when i fall asleep but before i struggled to get on sleep it was like its a dream i saw brown coffin open with a fat/huge man wearing black garment but the face i couldn’t see it,as it flash on my vision and after i fall asleep my mind was like am done sleeping but i could not open my eyes and can’t turn my head to wake up,and it was like i have no power to wake my head or turn my body,so what does this mean?

  15. Hi, recently i had weird dreamt that i can remember and i really wonder and searching what was the meaning of it. I dreamed that i seeing my dead mother in the coffin suddenly waking up from dead by coughing and staring at me by open her eyes widely, i keep calling her till i woke up from sleep by screaming calling her name, what was that?

    • I had a dream i was in hearse with a coffin ridding , i looked out the window i saw another hearse blocking the hearse am in from overtaking. Suddenly i looked out the other window i saw babies been dragged off the road as if they where hit by car or , but the bodies all covered with dust. as we drove futher i was a little girl carryng a babe on her back stocked in a ditch struggling to climb thru.

  16. I was dreaming of a small white coffin with a small baby dressed in white closed in it and my daughter who is 19 years current ,was small in my dream and she was carrying and playing with this coffin and baby in my dream and I told her in my dream she must not play cos the baby is dead.

  17. i dream my friend told me that there’s a corpse kid still alive in his coffin but im not afraid of that but when i saw the mother of a child and she’s happy while crying and told me that his child is still alive and im shock because her child is still but without heart and lungs and blood and i saw the coffin of a child i was so afraid and i realize that im not afraid about alone im afraid the coffin. whats the meaning of that

  18. I dreamt that i was a hero. I was fighting the bad guys with a sword with my comrades. We where putting all the bad guys in a coffins made out of cardboards, and put 2-3 of them in a a big plastic bag. I think we were going to burry them.
    Then it felt like any other fairy tale ending.
    Happy Ending.

  19. I dreamed that me and my husband were somewhere full of steel coffins which placed over each other like a pyramid and then my husband goes forward and selected one of them and put it into the car and then we left the place. we both were normal, not sad, not feared. I dreamed this 3 times in a row. would you please tell me the meaning of this dream?

  20. Hi. Would like to ask a very specific answer (if possible) to my dream. And I would (really) appreciate if I’ll receive an answer from you.
    As far as I can remember these are the details in my dream.
    I was talking to a man (really don’t know him) and then I told him that I’ll go around the mall (just a guess because before that we went to a store to buy something) because I wasn’t feel good. Maybe I felt bad because he didn’t buy something for me. And then I gave to him my cellphone and I walk through the elevator. I pressed something and it was the wrong one and then there’s this security guard helped me to operate the elevator. And then he pressed 100. So, in the elevator I was alone and struggling because I wasn’t able to balance myself as the elevator was moving. Then in there I was holding something, just like am opening a sets of drawers.. I think. Then I got in the 100th floor and there I saw people wearing not that comfortable clothes. Some were wearing jean skirts and they were happily talking to each other. But when I turned to my right, I saw a BIG- white coffin with a purple or black lines on it. And then a bouquet of flower (for the dead) beside. And then I closed the elevator and inside the elevator is a woman in white I think (more like a nursing-student uniform) then I pressed the GROUND CANOLA but then we went to the peak of the mall. During the travel to ground canola I unbalanced myself because of the very fast move of the escelator. And then I asked the woman (now wearing a business type of uniform) if this is the GROUND CANOLA. She said yes and I asked if this is the ground floor. She answered no. But there is a door to the ground floor if you have a VIP key. And I said no i don’t have. And then she said directly if she can borrow my cellphone so that she and her friends can do documentary movie for business purposes only. Then I told her that my cellphone was in the ground floor and I’ll get it for her so she can give me VIP key. Then I saw a couple looking for a dress with B-Cup (i don’t know) and then they were talking and I woke up!

    Please help me. I am so frustrated right now. I woke from this dream at 3:00 in dawn and I am still 22 years old. And I’ll be 23 in 2 months. Please help me and I’ll anticipate your answer. Thank you!

  21. I dreamed it was all black, and I said I wonder how it would feel to die, the I was staring out the window of a moving vehicle, but the reflection wasn’t me. It didn’t frighten me tho, then we stopped at a lake house and they started pulling a coffin out the back, and started a wake behind the house in front of this large lake and as I went up to see the coffin I noticed it was myself, then I was back In my body climbing out the coffin, next thing I know we are celebrating that I’m alive so I’m swimming and I remember saying how finials this water looked above me against the sun. Then hangs wrapped around my ankles and I could see them dragging me down finally my body was stuck against the bottom and I was drowning fighting against the pressure. I awoke back on the shore with people around me trying to save me. The water of the lake started swirling like a whirl pool and a women rose from the water in the surface hair so long it floated. On top the water. I started walking to her for no reaso as everyone screamed for me my to go, but I wanted to go, wanted to know. I got within a foot of her and stared at her for about a mintue before I was back at the bottom of the lake not drowning but not able to move.

  22. I dreamt about 5-6 coffins and When I ran because someone is looking for me and tries to capture me I dint know what his or her motives to capture me and I ended up taking the shortcut of a certain house and seen and passed by these 5-6 coffins so what does it mean? Can you help me please?

    • I dreamt about 5-6 coffins and When I ran because someone is looking for me and tries to capture me I dint know what his or her motives to capture me and I ended up taking the shortcut of a certain house and seen and passed by these 5-6 coffins so what does it mean? Can you help me please?