Cold dream meanings


Emotional coldness; fear of stagnation.


Where I can find the warmth?

General Meanings:

In dreams very often the emotions are converted into bodily sensations. Sometimes the dreamer is affected by by external stimulation, in this dream he is affected by cold, therefore in dream he feels cold.
Mostly the dreams that are related to cold express the freeze that lies in you. It could be anything that stops you from moving forward. You might feel frozen, suppressed and unable to perform in your life, therefore can not make any decisions or plans for the future.
The exact meaning of the dream originates from the circumstances you are surrounded by.

Psychological Meanings:

If the dreamer feels cold in his dream, then such dream indicates that you are experiencing hard period at this time of your life. Maybe you are feeling lonely and/or exhausted. The dream might also indicate cold feelings towards some person, maybe there is an emotional distance between you too, which leads to the feeling of coldness and emptiness. Sometimes people actually feel cold during their sleep, therefore a dream is a reflection of external stimulation.

Spiritual Meanings:

Spiritually the cold denotes to the feelings of being lost, lonely and unhappy.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

According to European dream explanation, the cold is mostly related for awareness at all aspects of your life.

  • Loneliness if feel cold – the dream of being cold relates to the feeling of being lonely.┬áMaybe you lost connection with your relatives, friends or family. Try restore it as soon as it is possible, otherwise you will feel miserable not only in your dream, but reality too;
  • Will get disappointed by the surroundings if you are in cold area – being in the area that feels cold and unnatural shows the frustration you will suffer;
  • Stay calm when making certain decisions if see the word cold – for a dreamer to see the word cold written somewhere indicates the need to be careful and emotionless when making some important solutions;
  • Stay away from envious people if you touch something cold – such dream warns you to keep a distance from those who are trying to harm you.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Look after your health if feeling cold – the dream warns you to pay more attention to your health;
  • Poverty if dream of cold temperature – such dream indicates poor and miserable life;
  • The plans will change if dream of cold winter – such dream shows that any plans you made should be cancelled, because you will not accomplish them.

* Please, see meaning of freeze.

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