Competition dream meanings

General Meanings:

Need of acceptance In dream to be approved for competition is a good omen for everyone. The competition in boyhood appears in dreams because of the age-related admission to society.

Wrong behavior But when dreamer dreams of being excluded, it brings harm to everyone. If someone who is dreaming that he was excluded from the Olympics. This may mean that he did wrong and unacceptable things that are not allowed in the society.

* Please, see also pankration, boxing, pentathlon, wreath, sprint, Olympiad.

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  1. I was dreaming I was watching women’s water polo except instead of a goal it was a basketball rim a woman on my team was attempting to dunk it but she missed then we lost. Then I was in a swimming event except I don’t really remember it just the fact that we lost. Then me and my team we were walking to a volleyball match an all these people were taking pictures but I’m really self conscious about taking pictures and all the photographers were laughing because I don’t like smiling. Then I made it up to the volleyball match and there was a girl eating a sandwich then I asked her what kind of sandwich it was but as soon as I did the meat morphed into some weird looking meat but she said it was ham she offered me some and as soon as I accepted it I woke up