Computer dream meanings


Effortless communication, tech.


What communication range opens up to me?

General Meanings:

Unique talents and qualities Computers and other high-tech devices for many people are a part of their lives. The computer can act as a tool in the dream, or symbolizes an unique personal talent that the dreamer already has. The positive meaning of a dream that the computer is the symbol of high reaction and perfect performance. The negative side of this dream – emotionless, almost inhuman perfection.

Psychological Meanings:

The dream symbol of computer indicates the order and rationality in life. On the other side, the computer is an indication of the lack of human or represents personal communication. The computer in the dream may stand as old memories or stored information.

Express more widely The dreamer sees his life too mechanically and narrow. The dreamer has to let his feelings more wider. Also this dream warns the dreamer before careerism.

Some mistakes Computers operate mostly accurate and without mistakes, but when in the dream your computer shows the same error then you have to consider your life, plans or desires again.

Spiritual Meanings:

A computer as a dream symbol can symbolize spiritual impressions, it can also represent the past, the present and the future.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Changes if work with computer – In the dream you are working with computer, then this dream announces that you will have changes in working conditions and greater responsibility;
  • New project if do not use – In the dream you are not using a computer, then this dream indicates that you will get a project that seems overwhelming for you.

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  1. We had been selected to help in a study(field work) and after da days work.a brief meeting was held so that a summary is made and data put on data sheets.though i know little on computer,i was given the divice to enter data, use SPSS to analyse despite the fact that i know not what spss entails.was determined to try.surprisingly,the supervisor congratulated me for having did the work well.and everybody applouding.i told them i never knew i was doing the right thing-was trying.he said that that is it and you shall work on it besides data collection.