Conflagration dream meanings

General Meanings:

Happiness or Sorrow Conflagration as a dream symbol has an ambiguous meaning, can destroy and ruin your life by your own mistakes as well as can promise joy and happiness. Bright flames in the dream announces you joyous events. Sometimes a fire also may be an expression of your desire for radical life changes.  Fire in the attic may be a sign of a lower spiritual development. Fire in the attic may be a sign of a lesser spiritual development.

Psychological Meanings:

Conflagration as a dream symbol stands for destruction, passion or suffering. Sparked fire shows internal or external experience, here your mental energy may become destructive.

The fire in the dream may be suppressed emotions of anger, revenge. The dreams of fire have to be taken very seriously, because the person may “burn” himself from inside or these negative feelings may bring serious disease.

Spiritual Meanings:

The dream of conflagration symbolizes ambiguities, uncertainties.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Happy time if see conflagration without smoke – This dream announces that you will have great joy and wonderful time with family;
  • Benefits if see a house burning in flames – To see a house burning in flames in your dream, then this dream denotes that the last minute matter will bring you some benefits but not like you expected;
  • Discords if see a fire with smoke – You dream of fire with smokes then this dream announces you  strife and anger in near future;
  • Have fear if see only smokes – In the dream you see smokes without fire then this dream denotes that you are afraid of yourself and your family;
  • Bad fate if see spark – The spark in the dream denotes that you will protest in vain against an adverse fate finger;
  • Better position if see bright flame without smoke at your own home – The dream announces you an improvement of the situation in which you are at the moment. You will have possibility to deal with all your worries;
  • Worries if flame with heavy smokes– The dream has a negative meaning which indicates that your situation will become even worse and you will have harm.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Darkness if see conflagration – The dream of conflagration indicates that your joy will soon turn into gloom;
  • Dark joy if see conflagration with lots of smoke – Lots of smokes which are caused because of conflagration marks that you will have clouded joy because you did something wrong to others.

* Please, see meaning of fire, fire brigade, flames.

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  1. dreaming of fire – i dream to create a fire even the wood was wet due to rainfall,when i get a fire a smile and happiness was create too in my face.what does it mean?

  2. In my dream I was in the passenger seat of our car my fiancé was in the drivers seat and my older sister was in the back seat , we were talking to my Mom on a summers day in her driveway she had our 3 boys and my sisters 3 girls swimming . The 3 of us in the car were headedboutbthe driveway to get juice and ice from the store , just as we began to leave I looked up thru the sunroof to see the beautiful blue skies turn to fire covered my sister screamed out to our mother go inside as my fiancé gunned it in reverse across the highway all the way to the church everything seemed so real I could even feel the fire burning my face and skin everything was on fire the church the road the fire department everything I screamed out go back the kids go back and my fiancé just shook his head in tears as if to say no we couldn’t bare to see their dead body’s I woke up to hear him whimpering while he was asleep a little while later I fell asleep only to have another bad dream ! What does this mean ? This scared the daylights out of me because it seemed so real and so fast and I don’t normally have dreams well not that I remember anyways and when I do dream it’s like I know I’m dreaming and it will soon be over this was different it felt real