Constipation dream meanings


Fear to release


What do I hold back?

General Meanings:

Greedy Constipation in the dream has the metaphorical sense which may symbolize the inclination to stinginess or the inability to show feelings openly. It is difficult to give something to others, whether they are mental, physical or spiritual values.

Psychological Meanings:

Suppressed emotions The constipation as a dream symbol, indicates that you keep inside yourself your desires and fears (especially subliminal and instinctive needs) and you do not express them and do not show them, they stuck inside you. There is also the mental constipation, which points to strict thoughts or extreme obsessions.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Covetousness if have constipation –┬áIf you have constipation in your dream then you do not have to understand as purely physical reminder, this stands as an excessive greed.

* Please, see meaning of defecation, excrement, feces, toilet.

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