Container dream meanings

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Present if see a container – To dream container means that you will receive a gift that you have expected earlier.

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  1. I have a recurring dream. There is a background context like a tapestry this dream recurs around. There are two cylinders almost like thermos bottles that seem as high as a cliff. From the tops of these cylinders there are two tubes extending down. I cannot see where they go. I get the impression that one of them contains blood. I do not feel anxiety nor is there any negative feeling associated with this.

    The dream changes and it is as though I am in this white plastic box with someone else. I do not know this person. It is like we both are at the end of a rope sitting on a hook or a seat. We have a conversation. I never seem to remember about what. I get the impression that there is some *rule* to our interaction. They leave and I leave. The dream ends or becomes some other random dream.

    I only notice this dream because it recurs with some frequency. It is not a bad dream. I do not wake feeling unpleasant or anxious. I realize that in our dream state, everything is about symbols and symbolism. Any opinions or help would be appreciated. Some may be having a similar dream with similar symbolism just described differently. Thanks.