Corner dream meanings


Concealment; inevitable.


Where do I lead my decisions?

General Meanings:

Corner means that something will change in your life, because it strikes a different direction, something that may related with plans and objectives. Also the changes may be of yourself as a personality such as inner attitudes and beliefs.

  • To turn a corner in the dream, means that the dreamer is ready to move on and to have new experiences, even though at first it looked as if there were obstacles.
  • To turn right around the corner in the dream, this refers that the dreamer uses logical actions and orientation, while to turn left refers that the dreamer uses an intuitive approach.
  • To hide behind a corner, then this means that the dreamer is afraid to act and to start something in his life.

Psychological Meanings:

The dreamer feels a little hidden or trapped in the corner, he has to be ready to deal with the unexpected and new experiences. When the dreamer hides behind the corner, then this denotes that the dreamer wants to escape from reality or to hide from someone or even to hide something.

Spiritual Meanings:

At the spiritual level the corner in the dream stands as a sign that the dreamer has to accept a new perspective on his spiritual indecision.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Wealth if be near a corner – In a dream you are near the corner means that you will gain advantages and prosperity;
  • Bad sign if creep away from fear of a corner – This dream symbol is very unfavorable sign that you will have some worries and unpleasant events in your life;
  • False friends if people talking near corner – People have conversation to each other near the corner, then this dream indicates that you want to destroy enemies and also you find out that your friend is a traitor.

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