Cotton dream meanings

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Good time if see fresh, thriving cotton fields – The fields of cotton in the dream then this announces good business and prosperous times;
  • prosperity if see plucked cotton fields – The dream has a positive meaning because for the dreamer this promises prosperity and wealth;
  • Good time if dream of cotton – The cotton in the dream promises you wonderful time in your life also positive changes are in prospect;
  • health if work in the fields of cotton – The process when the dreamer works in the cotton fields denotes that you have to take care of your mental health because you may experience delusions or other damage;
  • Better time if see cotton bales – To dream of cotton bales then this dream may predict better times for you.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Better life if work with cotton – When you work with cotton in the dream then this marks that your life will become better but not so good as you wish;
  • Good period if wear clothes made of cotton – To wear clothes made ​​from cotton in your dream, then this dream announces you good prospects and chances to make life better;
  • Worries if see cotton bales – Bales of cotton, fabrics in the dream may be a sign that you will have business difficulties;
  • Travel if spin or weave cotton – When you spin cotton in the dream then this announces profit and long journey.

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