Cradle dream meanings

In general:

A dream of a cradle may offer a new life or a new beginning. In a clairvoyant’s dream the birthplace can stand for a possible pregnancy. In the dream of a man it can also symbolize a desire in the womb or in a protected state return. Cradle often contains a warning against too much confidence, it is lulled into security rocked, although caution and suspicion are attached.


An empty cradle (depending on the other dream elements) can represent the fear of a woman in front of childlessness or motherhood. This dream suggests sometimes that any new start for us will give a very happy time in which we can really swing through any difficulties. If a baby in the cradle, then we should appreciate the security, which instantly beautifies our life.


Sometimes the material body as opposed to the spiritual is displayed as a cradle.


– Dreaming of new & unused cradle: singles could be married soon;
– To see empty, which is used: announces a happy family event and long life;
– An orphaned see: approaching accident, probably due to illness;
– To see cradle with a screaming infant: one is brought by someone in a predicament, which can not to bring him to silence;
– Cradle with a cute child:promises wealth and the affections of beautiful children;
– To swing your child in the cradle: means a serious illness of a family member;
– When a young woman swinging a cradle: that is synonymous to disaster, watch out for gossip.

– To see cradle: you must not act rashly; also: for singles – early marriage and for married – soon christenings;
– Dreaming that you swinging a cradle: sleepless nights.

– To see the side of cradle: you will have a child;
– To see empty cradle: the project will not be achieved easily;
– Swinging with a child in it: your family will soon increase by one member;

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