To crash dream meanings

General Meanings:

Losses caused by someone or even yourself It indicates a loss that can be concerned by the dreamer, another person or an object. Sometimes the crash can mean that you are in the situation where you can not do anything at all. A crash from a height or a plane, sometimes shows that the dreamer is far away from the reality of life and falls again on the ground. When somebody else crash in a dream, it can give you clues from which side you can expect threatening losses.

Psychological Meanings:

Misjudge and Loss The crash in a dream points to the loss, which can either refer to the dreamer himself, other people or things. Then the whole dream gives explanation about whether you have formed a wrong opinion or conclusion about other persons, situations, things or even yourself and now you fall out from your former attitude. The crash can also symbolize too much optimism or arrogance.

* Please, see meaning of abyss, falling.

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