Crossbow dream meanings

General Meanings:

Clear your goals In the dream to have a crossbow, then this is an indication that you have stuck in your old beliefs and aims. You need to have more precision and clarity what do you want to reach.

Find the target To shoot with a crossbow in the dream, signifies that sooner or later you will reach your desires and goals. But first of all you have to find the “target”. No matter what kind of target will be – lover, better job, better life. You will have to work for this and to practice a lot to reach this.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Trust yourself if stretch a crossbow – This dream marks that you do not trust yourself and this will make you difficulties to reach your aims;
  • Slowly motion if shoot with a crossbow – In the dream you shot with a crossbow, this marks that your business is going forward slowly, because you didn’t find the main aim;
  • Need of peace if see – In the dream you see a crossbow, this dream denotes that you are longing for quiet times and satisfaction, you are tired of fighting.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Enjoyment if stretch and shoot into target – This dream will bring you good and bright future, because you have reached your target and now it is time to enjoy;
  • Warning if someone shot – In the dream someone shoots at you, this marks that you have to be aware of danger, you have to look around you, because there are lots of enemies around you
  • New beginning if break a crossbow – Now it is time to start something new and important in your life,  because the danger has passed.

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  1. I had a dream of 3 men dressed in black like ninja uniforms from head to toe. I could not see their faces. Everyday they would take their crossbows and practice their techniques into a crowd of people. The crowd would disperse except some would lie down in the street with the hopes of the arrow passing over. At first the ninja’s were terrible but as days went on they became better and were able to shoot people. I was one of those that laid in the street and as they became better I always found an obstacle to hide behind. I saw people being hit by the arrow in their legs and chest areas. They never hit me. I was very scared.

  2. I had a dream that I was at a meeting and I was just standing there waiting for the meeting to start… There was a white man and woman standing there looking at me… and I noticed the man was holding something that looked like a gun…but to closer inspection I realized
    it was a cross bow.. and he was aiming it at me and my heart nearly
    dropped…I have been having some difficult issues with the subject of race recently and it has really been weighing me down mentally and
    physically… I am black and my issues have been related to white people… I am not racist, but struggling with the matter of hate based on my race…

    • That’s not good to hear, no one should be judged on their race! Everyone Is the same. It makes me upset when people treat others different based on color. For instance there are probably just as many black people in your life that treat you like crap, at that point you concider the person to be a douchbag. If it’s a white person though, they are automatically racist. Do you get what I’m saying? So maybe your just as racist as what your thinking the White people are. Black, yellow,brown & white are 100% equal!! Get it through your head when a white person is mean to you thru are not necessarily racist, they might just be a douchbags. By you saying that they are racist straight off the bat is actually racist (assuming white people hate black people)