Crying dream meanings


– The release of emotions & grief.


– What kind of emotions am I willing to express?

General Meanings:

Mental Suffer  Cry often stands for uncontrollable feelings or pain. Whether the dreamer himself or others are crying in his dream, there are always the discharge of accumulated feelings. Perhaps the dreamer is saddened by events in the past, or he is afraid to embrace the future.
Release of feelings – The kind of crying can be very revealing. Cry in the dream often appears from inner tensions, especially if you can not cry in the waking state. Sometimes it is the need to express the remorse of a day, what may be associated with self pity. The crying crocodile (slang for crocodile tears) warns against hypocrisy. Old dream books represents crying as a reason for joy in the everyday monotony.

Psychological Meanings:

Happiness – Crying in dream is usually used to describe the tears of joy, which shed light on the everyday life.
Recovery and New start – Anyone who incidentally cries for a dead man, he will recover, if he just feels sick. In other words, he will be able to venture a new beginning, because the worst is behind him. Such dreams often announce stages of transition from one state of consciousness to another.
Setting free painful feelings – In reality, the weeping can be very relieving. Cries may be also an image for the liberation of psychological pressure or pain. Only if you cry for no reason in the dream, then you can connect this with grief and anxiety which are in the waking life.

Spiritual Meanings:

Sorrow for loss – On spiritual level crying in the dream represents the mourning for a personal loss.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Joy If Crying – To cry in dream indicates delight and big surprises after grief over a person you will soon forget;
  • Consolation If Crying someone – To see someone crying in the dream, it means that someone (maybe even you), who is comforting with him/her, you must show compassion to crying person.


  • No worries If Crying in general – Dreaming of cry in general shows that you don’t have to worry, everything will be okay;
  • Happiness If Crying yourself – To dream that you’re crying, then this dream is very positive this denotes that you’ll experience great joy;
  • Love sorrow If Crying somebody – To dream that someone else is crying announces that you will grieve for loved one.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Consolation If Crying person that you know – To see someone that you know is crying in your dream, then this means that you know how to comfort this person;
  • Happiness If Crying yourself – To dream that you are crying, this announces that you’ll find joy; Also a lucky, fortunate and cheerful time ahead.

* Please, see meaning of baby, mother, friends, water, voices, laughter, dispute, mourning.

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  1. a friend of my wife dreamt where my late mum was crying, when she asked her what is making her cry my late mum said I know. what does this mean


  3. I had the most hurtful dream. My partner who I adore and love so very much and I were in a room in an house I have never seen and there was a ginger girl there partner danced with her as there was music on and straight after he sat there and told me he was leaving me to be with her because they clicked more than him and I do. It killed me …then he left with her she did rude things to him and then he decided he didn’t want her and came running back to me…i was distraught and woke up in tears. Please someone tell me a positive meaning to this or just pure honesty..i am a very insecure jealous person anyway and I find it almost impossible to trust anyone. I need help 🙁

  4. this morning i had a dream of my sister that passed away in may of 2016, me and my other sister were in school, and i remember seeing my passed away sister in front of me when i looked up, and i wakes up to her and started kneeling and then i started crying, and she did too. i woke up and started crying after this. it honestly hurt me a little when she started crying with me.

  5. I had a dream i was cradling someone in my arms who had a sickness that kept him or her from moving, there body was crumpled up similar to stephen hawkings body . I remember feeling sadness and tears falling down my face as i cradle the person. The emotion i felt in that dream i never felt in my awaken life. i was awkend by the Sound of my doorbell, i got up answerd the door and two packages from ups were in front of my door. i was still feeling a little sadden even after waking up.

  6. I dreamt that i was somewhere in unknown place with unknown group of people. I only remember my big sister from that group. Everyone was happy. And the occasion of hapiness was because one of the girl from group did really good in something. But when it was time to celebrate her superior called her and took her in another room saying he has something to discuss.He said others can celebrate. So other people started to celebrate in next room. I think i was in kitchen. I was alone doing something there. And after sometime i started listening painful cries from that girl. I went to others who were partying there asked if anyone heard anything but they said no.. then i went to kitchen and again it was like that person was beating her. I was so afraid.I opened the door which was next to kitchen. Door didn’t opened fully. It was like someone was holding that door. I looked inside.. there was staircase and up in the room there was angry voices, sobs, cries. When I was near the stairs someone called me so i looked back. It was a unknown girl. she tells me what is that voice? She then said-i will check. I m a worker in here. You can go n enjoy party. I was afraid so i quickly came outside that door. I waited and waited.When i tried to entered that room again there was someone beside that door. I couldn’t step inside because of fear. I was worried about those girls.I just looked in that half opened door and waited. And i saw a girl walking down from stairs and she just sat near the door. Her face was swollen, red.. I asked her to come outside but she just looked at me and said she can’t.

  7. I dreamt my husband was having an affair with my baby sis of 22years old and am always angry I also dreamt he slept with my mom, pls reply to my email I don’t know what it means

  8. I dreamt i was cryinv in my x s arms. He held me while i was in a lying possition like in bed but i could feel my pain he s caused.. grief. I didnt want to look at his facen let him see me cry as he tried to looked me i moved my cheek twards his shoulder. Its like i could really feel his warmth but i awoke.
    I had realized omg it was his birrhday and it all made sence. He felt it too im sure that dream. I had cried again n moved on with my day again sad.

  9. I had a dream that one day I was not being a good student as I normally am and that this one new teacher that I have kind of took a liking too, she was in it and crying because I wasn’t being a good student. I took her in my arms and consoled her. Later in the dream she had been yelling at an entire class and I came in and she left the room. Another teacher took her place in the dream. In real life, nothing really seems to be off with her except she does go off sometimes when the kids won’t listen to her and it takes everything out of her. Dynamite comes in small packages and she’s a real life example. She’s been overly busy, but I believe most teachers are, especially new ones and well I worry for her. I know I shouldn’t considering I’m a student, a senior, but I have a heart.

  10. I dreamt I made my boyfriend cry, I was like really mean to him and yelling … Oh my gosh it made me so sad when I woke up how could I be so mean to someone I love so much. He was really really upset

  11. I took a nap earlier today (10/20/2015), now my family is dysfunctional and has our issuses. Its My mother and 3 brothers.
    My oldest brother is in prison for something he honestly didnt do, and was proven by the court that he didnt do it, and then theres the 2nd oldest who is skitzophrenic and a crack head. ( litterly), and My mother and I dont talk to the crack head because he did is wrong, VERY WRONG, .
    So in my dream my mother and I where home and got a knock on the door from my oldest brother whos in prison, and we were spending time together and out of no where my 2nd oldest brother (the crack head) knocks on the door to drop his 2 kids off, and he pops his head in the door to make sure we where home and he sees our oldest brother (the one in prison,) standing there talking to us, and the crack head says ” oh you’re home” and then leaves. Now when I heard him say this ( in my dream) thats when I started to cry and my oldest brother hugged me. And when the i started to cry and felt the tears roll down my face is what woke me up, but when I woke up I couldnt move. Like him hugging me in my dream kept me from moving. And its been an hour since this dream and im still crying.
    Im so lost with what just happened

  12. A family member of mine has passed and another family member has been dreaming of the other person who has passed and in the dream the person who has passed is crying in the dreams what does this mean???

  13. Had a dream of my ex bf emotionally crying for his deceaced mother at his home in botswana, i rushed to comfort him en his emotions were uncontrollable that i got emotional, ano old prophetic lady came along and asked to help,she asked me something i dont remember and i said i love my ex,then she asked why and i said cos his patient, she then said that “we needs to remove some obstacles but she’ll help” i asked what those obstacles are she said “do you want me to embarrass you and say it infront of him” and gave me a look like she knew a secret of mine or something,i walked away and gave them space,later my cousins were there and my ex came back with that old lady,this time he had stopped crying and i knelt down and shook her hand in thanksgiving and joy that she had helped him ,i then woke up_please help

  14. actually i seen a weird dream today .. i saw a gal whom i teach presetly now a days(reality) .and in dream . i saw her crying n sobbing and runnung away from me and i was facing anxiety as much sge is getting away and i feel like crying but i waked up by that feeling .. can u please tell me the reason for that …

  15. I had a dream where, after all the shenanigans of the day with my best friend and coworkers in the dream, a guy i work with and I sat on the couch and i held him as we both cried that he was leaving for another country. I dont particularly like this guy too much in real life, so this confuses me.

  16. The last week or so I have had two naps after work, the first nap I dreamt that I was heading to the gas station thinking of my childhood and I was crying, but when I woke up I hadn’t cried at all. The second nap I dreamt that I was napping in the same way that I actually was and that I was thinking of how things have changed since I was a child and once again I was crying but this time I felt pain, but then I woke up the same thing, I had not cryed one bit. I guess the strange think about this all is that I don’t have these dreams at night just only when I am napping

  17. When I am asleep I occasionally wake up as I can hear my daughter shout mum in my dream so I wake up and start to worry, my daughter is 23yrs old and has recently left home to live with her boyfriend.

    In my dream last night I could see my daughter crying, what does this mean.

  18. I dreamt my ex-friend was crying but not making a noise. A few tears were shining in her eyes and when i asked her why she was crying she did not answer. We were walking and she was a little ahead of me. I had said some past memory of us and she got emotional. I want to know what it means?

  19. So I had this dream that i was at my grandmothers (shes still alive so I know its not grieveing about her) but my 3 month old cousin was in it and i was holding her. And i was walking wirh her around the house, and i looked around the house and saw pictures of when i was a kid and my siblings when they were younger (im only 16 by the way). and i looked at my baby cousin and i just started getting really teary eyed for no reason. And when i woke up i was really crying. What could have caused this?

  20. I haven’t seen my mom for almost 4 year’s. I don’t know anything about her or where she is. But today I woke up with 2 tears in my eyes because of the dream I had. My mom has made many mistakes. But my dream was about her hugging me so tight and I was doing the same thing we were both crying. She was telling me how much she loves me and she was apologiezing for the things she has done. She told me she won’t ever leave me again. And when I told her don’t let go. I woke up crying. I have never had a dream like this. I’m scared because I don’t know anything about her.

  21. i keep dreaming about my X boyfriend, who is also my baby daddy(who is now married to someone else), whenever he comes to drop my daughter at my house after they had some time out, he doesnt want to leave… He wants to kiss me and sleep next to me, i always tell him to go home cos he left me but he becomes soooo sad, veery sad that i feel sorry for him and let him stay… Why am i dreaming about him this way…we had a perfect relationship that lasted 5 years but i forgave him years ago for breaking up with me, cheating on me, he got married and i moved on and i am very happy,,,why does he look sad and do i dream about him???? I know for sure i do not want him back,,,its been seven years now since we broke up

  22. I keep having a dream that my mom leaves, not sure if she dies, i think she does and in the First dream she said she was going to come back and she never did and also in the second dream she “left” and never came back and thats where i saw my dad desperitely crying Because my mom had died and never came back. Help please i keep dreaming my mom i love with her so i find this strange help anyone1!!

  23. I dreamt I was crying cause my brother son on that dream to ,y sister that I said he is not looking like my Brother when my sister told me on that dream I started crying loud I wAs even angry I even mention that my brother son I gave him a money to apply for license long time ago he ate the money of which that was true I cried on a dream until I woke up.

  24. I had a dream that I was on a merry go round with my high school (from which I have recently graduated) and in front of me was a picture of me as a baby (the same picture I used in our graduation slide show) I watched myself as we went around and I started to smile and then cry. The ride ended and suddenly the picture was a real girl, but clearly me when I was little. She saw me crying and giggled and I looked behind me and saw a girl from my school (I know her name but never spoke to her) and she too was crying. My alarm clock then went off and I woke only to find myself covered in tears.

  25. This is not the first time that I have this dream about my maternal grandfather. He passed away 12 years ago, I was 10 years old. But till today everytime I dream about him I sob so much. And with me the thing is when I cry in my dream I cry in actual life as well. It hurts because I wake up with such a painful heart (not physically).
    Well this morning I dream we were at a family reunion and I saw a man resembling my grandpa, I heard mumbles from uncles saying its him but then I again I kept thinking its one of his brothers. Regardless of my thoughts I couldn’t help but cry, I was really mad that he was still alive but no one told. I’m still very shaken from the dream.

  26. This is not the first time that I have this dream about my maternal grandfather. He passed away 12 years ago, I was 10 years old. But till today everytime I dream about him I sob so much. And with me the thing is when I cry in my dream I cry in actual life as well. It hurts because I wake up with such a painful heart (not physically).
    Well this morning I dream we were at a family reunion and I saw a man resembling my grandpa, I heard mumbles from uncles saying its him but then I again I kept thinking its one of his brothers. Regardless of my thoughts I couldn’t help but cry, I was really mad that he was still alive but no one told. I’m still bery shaken from the dream.

  27. I keep getting this recurring dream that my baby father and I are having sex then he would leave me and try to have sex with my thirteen year old dauther,I would be shock and cry while treathening to get him locked up,my dauther would be be crying and hurt,he would look at me and tell me how sorry he was and that he thought that I would be ok with it I would be so angry and tell him that he is crazy for thinking that and we all would be crying,I would leave trying to find someone to hurt him and always would wake up whilst still trying to find someone to hurt him.

  28. I had a dream last night. I saw my dad having a very weird train accident in front of me and had his hand cut off below the elbow. Seeing that accident, I started crying too intense and was not able to speak anything to my other family members present nearby. My dad and other family members were behaving pretty normally just after the accident and he repeatedly kept saying that it will heal with time. Finally I woke up crying from my dream. I don’t know what does this means.

    FYI: As per Islam, if someone dies in your dream, he will be blessed with very long life.

  29. My frist dream was that I saw my crush working at my next doors neighbor house and I saw him then kept looking up and hiding like peek-a-boo he turned back to look back at me to , because i have a plant near the window, thats why I peek-a-boo.

    Then it was weird then next dream I was with a group of people on bleachers andmy crush was a few peopld away, and then I started to feel depressed in my dream and then I had started to sob and walked down near across the street and sobbed more and then walked away into my house and cried,hoping that the boy I liked would ask me of I was alright.

    Its was weird how he gave me attention,and then randomly started to not do a thing in the next dream.

  30. A few days before my mom’s anniversary of her death, i dreamt her like she was alive. Coming to the end of the dream, she was lying in a bed naked and sick and and she said that she was going to the doctor and she would get medicine and be ok. i told her that i could not go through this again that like i did for the past 10 years and i started to cry. she then hugged me and started to cry too. i am really trying to make sense of this dream. Can anyone help me?

  31. I had a dream my brother shed two tears. I asked what was wrong and he said something but i couldn’t hear him clearly. Its weird coz i never dream about him and also i havn’t had a dream in ages. So i wondering “why now?” Please reply

  32. I was sittin in my friends room and we were talking. Then there was a scream and when I went back to look at him he looked like he was in pain. I tried to help him but I couldn’t do anything. I started to cry in my dream and felt a great wave of greif abd helplessness wash over me for I couldn’t stop the pain. When I woke up I was crying in real life and the pain lingered there for a long moment. I ended up waking him up and asking if he was okay and of course he was. What does all that mean? I had the same dream right after I went to bed the sam night andthe night after(last night).

  33. hello,i have been dreaming about my late boyfriend,i was confused because i don’t no the meaning of the dreams,so i decided to contact a spiritualist that has power to interpret having dreams about dead people.i got one called Doctor Jefferson, i he did a nice job for me.And i benefited a lot from the interpretation of the dreams.I am wealthy now.I will share his email address on this site for other people to benefit. [email protected]

  34. There is a girl that i love in my neighbourhood but i’ve never told her i love her. When ever i try to tell her i couldn’t. But last night in my dream i saw her sitting and crying i don’t know why she was crying, but later i realise i was also crying. What is that trying to tell me.

  35. I had a dream that my sister died, and about 5 years later my mom cried. Then I started crying myself, I awoke crying! A week later my aunt died, shes my mom”s sister. Anyone think that’s a connection

  36. deceased daughter called me on cell. she was weeping. She said a few words and it was her actual voice. The words she said were about education, investment, Didnt connect this to anything

  37. A few nights ago, I had a dream of crying. It was quite a sob, and a few people around me tried to ask what was going on, but I was unable to speak. Well, I’m graduating college in two weeks. My 40 birthday is tomorrow. I think I was crying from joy! I can finally put this schooling behind me and carry on with a new life in my 40’s. I just can’t wait to hae time to pick up my camera and become that shutterbug agai. I can’t wait to finish this book I’m trying to write. Almost 40K words!

  38. i had a dream that my ex boyfriend is abandoning me, i was crying but there was no tears coming out of my eyes i was trying to release some tears to show how scared and petrified i am being alone in a different country. we just broke up and i was force to leave and go away when we broke up. what does my dream means, i have not completely move on but im trying

  39. The father of my kids past away last year barely yesterday I dreamed about him and he was crying because of his dad. I hug and kiss him and let him know everything would be okay but when I gave him that kiss and hug it felt so real. What does this dream is trying to tell me or is there a meaning?

  40. Last night I had this unexpected dream, I dreamt that I was talking to a monk and he was telling me 3 things about my life, after he started to tell me about it, I started crying. So please can anyone be helpful to tell me what it mean.

  41. i saw my boyfriend siting in the church with another girl arms in his, then i tip him from the back then he came to me and began to cry on my shoulder then i was complaining and crying with him also later he said i have some thing to tell you then he said i have a pickup to repair in monrovia

    • I dreamt that my boyfriend of seven years had flowers and plants at the back boot and he told me to take some for myself and just as I ws about to take them his cousin came and told me that my boyfriend was cheating on me an I sobed so badly it felt so real

  42. i was massaging my dad as he was complaining of intending stroke feelings & while i was massaging him, he slumped & died rigth in my hands then i called my uncle on the phone announcing my dad’s death while i was crying uncontrolably.. what does it mean cos my dad is still alive & healthy too!

  43. I had a dream that I had died.
    Five years later I came back, as a ghost of course,
    To visit my husband. I recall trying to get his
    Attention but he didn’t know I was there. There was a
    3-4 year old little boy that he was kneeling next to. I realized
    That it was his son from a marriage since I had passed.
    I cried uncontrollably- the pain seemed so real. I was hurt because
    I thought had I not died that that would be OUR
    Son. Then I went to visit my twin brother. He could see
    Me but he didn’t realize that I was dead. I’m not
    Entirely certain that he wasn’t dead too…Anyway,
    The dream woke me up last night and I woke my husband
    Up and cried till I fell back asleep.
    What could this mean? I’m still teary-eyed
    Thi morning from it!

  44. I had a dream and all I remember was that I was in front of a small porch on the sidewalk leading to the porch. I was crying loudly and someone asked why I was crying, I replied Maryanne died!! (thats me yet I was the one crying saying Maryanne (me) died! what in the heck??

  45. In my dream i ws being rushd into a marrige i wsnt sure i ws ready so i cried my heart out abt it , bt then some ladies told me ther ws sm1 who cud comfort me nd thy took me to that person. The person was my late mum nd she hugged me while i was stil cryin nd told me evrythn wud be ok nd i woke up after tht. What could that min? Um nt married or anythn

  46. i had a series of different dreams all on the same night.but what i distinctly remember is that of me crying uncontrollably.My boyfriend has suddenly indifferent and i dont know why.this has been hurting me for quite a while now.the scene is this ” my boyfriend and his friends are in the same room as me, and i am weeping terribly,but they dont seem to notice or rather i can see them laughing and having fun.they dont seem to care that im bawling right there in front of them.then all of a sudden he comes near me and takes my hair band off in one jerk saying he had brought that for me.he also asked me to pay him back for whatever he had spent on me .”
    the text inside quotes was my dream as i remember it.i keep thinking about it cos something doesnt seem right or it scares me.i love my boyfriend a lot even after hes been so distant and could possibly even be cheating on me.Please help me and tell me what this means.Am i just being paranoid?

  47. I dreamt of someone close to me in trouble, and a few days later I heard that they were indeed in trouble.

    Now I have a constant recurring dream about them crying their heart out. What is the cause of this?