Curfew (Evening bell) dream meanings

General Meanings:

Good time and health To hear curfew (evening bell) is ringing means that something is going to be good, conciliatory end, that soon you can be happy again. Old dream books interpret the bright sound of a curfew as a favorable sign for a healthy, carefree old age.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Happy life if hear ringing – You are dreaming that you hear evening bell is ringing, announces satisfaction after a busy life, you will be granted a carefree old age, and your sorrow will turn into joy.


  • Joy if you are ringing – In the dream you are ringing curfew, signifies that soon you will experience joy;
  • The right way if hear ringing  – You hear that it is ringing, shows that the decisions you have done, will bring you happiness and you are on the right way.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Everything will be good if listen – In the dream you are listening, this marks that your sadness will turn into joy.

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