Customs dream meanings


A customs officer takes any luck, the intends to conduct a business and successfully complete, for the payment of the duty according to the prediction of the completion of each transaction. People who want to accuse away – always the tax collector is indeed at the gates – he announced a short delay, they can then draw their route and travel there. With regard to marriages and communities, he says that partners and wives of a partly sympathetic to his other hand to be quarrelsome and contentious, because in the collection of duty every time comes to disputes. Their goodwill and reliability can be explained by the fact that customs officers to exercise a security service.

In general:

Customs (tax collectors, customs station) can stand for the tribute, which one must give life for joy, happiness and success, one should not therefore quarrel with fate, once it is not so cheap, but remember the good times, it will return. Sometimes it also warns against exposure, if you have something to hide. For dealers dream about customs brings luck. Because only large foreign transactions, must clear customs, and if they are registered there, the trade is already in the bag. For sicks requires a worsening of the disease, because the tax collector is reminiscent of the guard in front of the dead. For travelers this type of dreams says, that a delay might be possible.


What will be called in a dream at the border are translated that life offers us the demands . If we are caught by customs officials for smuggling, we are in waking life cope likely fend a very specific thing honest.


– To see: you will be deceived.

– To see: beware of scams; also it indicates rivalries out in your work;
– To enter into a custom: indicate that you seek a long-awaited opinion, or that you will be offered with one;
– To do business in custom: a previously undisclosed intimate relationship – perhaps even from the past – will be revealed;
– To leave one: promises the loss of a transaction or position, it could also fail to secure a desired thing.

– To see in dream: anger and vexation & trouble.
– To pay duties: you will have to pay some dues.

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