Cut dream meanings

Psychological Meanings:

Try to learn from others Cutting off body parts, especially for children may indicate castration anxiety because of incorrect sexual education. Cut a loaf bread or something else shows that you will not be particularly successful in a certain matter. If other cut something, this suggests that you can “learn a lesson” from the other.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Better life if cut yourself – In the dream you are cutting something, this signifies improvement of your life conditions;
  • Success if cut something hanged – This dream announces continued success;
  • Luck if cut fruit or vegetable – in the dream you are cutting fruits or vegetables or any kind of plant, this is a good sign of good luck in money matters;
  • Difficult period if hair – In the dream you cut your hair, this shows that you are going to meet a serious period of your life. But you will overcome all the worries, they will give you strength and experience;
  • Festival if fabric – This signifies that the celebration is coming to your life;
  • Deception if paper – When you cut a sheet of paper in your dream, shows that you were cheated;
  • End of worries if tape or thread – The dream marks that a long process dispute and worries will finally end;
  • Troubles and bad luck if a piece of sausage – In the dream you cut a piece of sausage, this announces you sad news, misfortune and danger.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Help from others if cut something – You will receive an invitation which will help you to meet new people and to improve your life. These people will help you to reach your aims.

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