Darkness dream meanings


Mystery, something unknown, a place of fear or options.


What am I looking for? What tries to take shape?

General Meanings:

Confusion and uncertainty Darkness in a dream is interpreted as a state of confusion or when entering an unknown territory and difficult period in your real life. Darkness in the dream makes clear that you do not understand something and therefore you are uncertain how to behave properly and decide correctly. The first step is that you have to try to illuminate the darkness. Also this dream shows some shadows in your soul which are hidden so you have to try to learn to know yourself better.

Psychological Meanings:

Negative emotions and feelings Darkness in the dream wants to pay attention to dark and depressive sides of the dreamer. The shadows in the dream stands for incomprehension, ignorance, fear, old age and death, but also the unconscious. The dreamer faces with ambiguous feelings and hunches, his doubts and uncertainty.

The enlightenment of the darkness indicates that the dreamer’s thoughts and feelings now looks much clearer and may create more definite action for future.

Spiritual Meanings:

At the spiritual level the darkness stands for chaos and the evil magic.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Fail if see darkness – Your dream is about darkness then this dream denotes that you will not fulfill your desires because of fear and uncertainty in your life;
  • Hard period if fall in the darkness and hurt yourself – In your dream you fell in the darkness then this dream announces that you may expect some changes which will make your life even worse;
  • No damage if see the light in the darkness – You found the way out of the darkness and you see the light then this dream marks that you will overcome all the difficulties successful without lots of damage;
  • Control anger if lost a friend or a child – In the darkness you have lost your friend or a child then this dream marks your own anger which causes lots of damage you have to learn to control it.

* Please, see meaning of evening, archetypes, light, night.

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3 responses

  1. I have dreaming that I’m in homes that are very dark and thy make feel where I’m at.thy show people that doesn’t have a face that show no expectations fear come over me why I’m here for and wanting to leave in a hurry not comfortable be in that place. I feel sick afterwards confused. My husband says do you understand and I dislike when anyone says that I don’t understand what thy hAve say.. these dream come over me for awhile how could I change it.. people say your negative mind no I feel what thy feel I’m a sponge that takes all that thier carrying. I’m a person that has say what thier love once that has past on have to tell them. I keep my gift under a mat that God gave why persons that doesn’t understand where this message comes from thier are believers Android none believers. Person that God gives this gift to use to help.not used scam others for money.

  2. I was dreaming, I was in the car with my husband as it was after rain, there small dams that we need to cross, and I was the one who was telling which way we must go to, in meantime there was 3 cattle that were following us, as we were walking in darkness, the torch came on the way as I was trying to switch it on, it shows us we were walking in wrong way the road were luking for is far away, when I luk in our backs with this torch on I saw these 3 cattle following us, and the torch immediately went off, we followe d direction of d road we luking, we found a lady in the house when we enter into d house we saw that the jernouy has come to an end, there is no way out in this room, then I just woke up

  3. Thanks for explaining my dream. In which it all seems clearer now. I had to make a choice in that particular dream. I skipped the dark door, and ran to the front only to meet a visitor. A snake running towards me .