Dead father dream meanings

Personally, I never have the dream about my deceased father, or I don’t remember one, because I never knew my own biological father in real life. Basically, it means that the real connection in waking life with the father is most important factor, by which our subconscious mind recreates the vision of the father in the dreams. But for others the dream about dead father occurs a lot and has such huge significance that has to be explained in very detailed way.

So, what does it mean to dream about dead father?

The starting point of the interpretation of this dream begins with fundamental associations of dead father:
a) 1. Security; 2. Power; 3. Authority; – that stand as the symbolism of father;
b) 1. Spirituality; 2. Purification; 3. Intelligence; – that is for the death.

The general meaning of dead father dream has significance of authoritative powerful security and perfectly pure intelligent spirituality. That is from both sides exceptional good symbolism and portends outstanding happiness in various areas of the dreamer’s life.

So, for physical aspects it means that you are protected and being in calm, safe, careful and peaceful environment. You have fair success in your career, business or any professional activity. The dream foretells that you will achieve even more desired goals and attain honorable prosperity. You are in strong position to have firm conviction that something is the true and right. The decisions of yours are authoritative and have the influential capacity to affect someone in definitively positive way. And the carefulness, also the attentiveness, that you have, gives strongest possible trust for you character in eyes of others. People do believe and follow your way of thinking, speaking and acting. You have an ability to keep it all the times in equitable manner, so that makes the future shines for you and others who surround you too.

Also, for spiritual aspects of dreaming about dead father mean that you’re spiritually evolved person, your subconscious mind is intelligently bright and has highly developed subconsciously intuition. That emits and surrounds you and others with extraordinarily pure mystical light, which enables positive feelings and influences the thinking in clear way. Additionally the dream shows your huge aspiration and actual ability to move with ever increasing acceleration further towards Divine Oneness. It means that you do have a very special spirituality which you are sharing with others and willing to do it even more. And because of that the future will bring even more happiness to all beings in your environment. Right spirits were, are and will be forever.

Dead father/grandfather dreams soon after the death of him

After the death of someone very close to us, we are having a lot of dreams of this person; it can be a father, grandfather, mother or any other relative. It is our mind that recreates the image and the feeling of our beloved ones. The depth of the connection between a person and the father or grandfather of him is the reason of how much dreams about deceased relative the dreamer might have. Psychologically, it is the representation of what happened in waking life, our minds still accepting the fact of the death. It means that the feeling of the security in the life of the dreamer has changed and developed to new level, where the dreamer is alone responsible for it. He has it all in his own hands, what was before the death shared between him and his father or grandfather. Sometimes the dream about dead father is so strong, that the dreamer might be even crying while he is sleeping. The release of the emotions and the acceptance of the fact throughout the dream is the reflex of our healing soul and body. So, at first those dreams are giving us an ease in relation to our loss, then over time the occurrence of such dreams becomes less frequent, and the importance of symbolic interpretation becomes more evident.

Dead grandfather dream meaning: longevity and wisdom

Additionally, to what was said before, about dead father dreams, which is also applicable to the dreams about dead grandfather, such visions bear timeless never-changing wisdom and ever increasing robust longevity. It means that the dreamer is having more perennial knowledge and experience. Also, it shows that the life span of the dreamer is increasing. He is getting more endurance over time and understanding how to use it to increase well-being.

For young person, the dream of dead grandfather or grandmother is almost always the first dream related to the death. Also, it is very common and frequent dream. Additionally, it shows fast increasing maturity in youths.

Dreaming about the death of the father while he is alive

It is strong dream. Personally, I had such dreams often while my mother was alive. I know the feelings that are triggered by such dreams and the meaning is also very clear for me, but it is very individualistic and can’t be attached to everyone’s dreams. By my personal experience, the dream about the death of a relative was the realization of deep hidden expectation that the death is not avoidable and the acceptance of it before it happens is the solution to the inevitable changes of my life. Generally, the creation of such experience while we are dreaming is based on amazing ability of our subconscious mind to prepare us so that we become more stronger and capable to bear anything who might seem first unbearable. In other words, the dream about the death of the father (or other relative) while he is alive is the training to live a life without him (or any beloved one). So, this dream means that after each of such dream we become stronger. Also, it announces that sooner or later we will receive the authority, power and wisdom that our father or grandfather have.

It doesn’t have such prophetic message, of which you should think about. But it sometimes becomes very common dream for those who are in constant thinking about the health of the father or other relative. It shows delicate care and strong bond between two also.

Deceased father is alive in a dream or coming back from the dead

Most of the times such dream gives us enormous happiness, because it’s recreates the feelings that are the same while our father was alive. It shows that the reality we live in waking life is not only one. There is something magical and mystical that can be reached and experienced. It means re-birth, new beginnings, spiritual growth and overall expansion within the dreamer’s life. Alternatively, it can mean that the father here is to support, encourage you. It means that you can bear a lot of more and that depends only on your own wish. There isn’t anything to stop you. Keep in mind that and all your wishes comes true. If in the dream you seen resurrected grandfather, then it symbolizes constant wisdom that is around you.

Talking resurrected father/grandfather

If your father or grandfather was talking with you, try to remember what has been said. Is there some important message in the words of resurrected one? Alternatively, it means that you are very responsible person with the information, which you manage. If you are sharing it, then you are doing it in so delicate way for the better. Also, it can symbolize that you have the ability to encourage others just by speaking positive truth. Father represents logical aspects of how you do manage those things, while grandfather – common sense aspects of the same.

Hugging of deceased father/grandfather dream meaning: secure comfort and protective mastery

To dream about hugging the deceased father means your ability to achieve secure comfort in your waking life. If hugging the dead grandfather, then it symbolizes your potential to acquire mastery in protecting not only yourself but others too.

To be hugged by the dead father means that you have acquired guarded relaxation. If that is done by your grandfather – means that you have received mastery in protecting others.

Other contexts

Smiling dead father/grandfather dream meaning: joy because of fulfillment of wishes.

Crying dead father/grandfather dream meaning: easiness after huge efforts.

Angry dead father/grandfather dream meaning: represents possible increase in the rate or speed of current ongoing progress in seeking and reaching expected goals.

Naked dead father dream meaning: can be interpreted throughout Freud and Jung “Oedipus complex” explanation and seen as psycho-reproductive development of the dreamer.

Also, other positive dream meanings, if you were dreaming about dead father/grandfather: eating, calling, asking or giving something.

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  1. I just had a dream bout my dad 15mins ago he is alive at the moment as I just got off the phone with him, my heart was pounding I needed to hear his voice and I told him bout my dream. So idk exactly were we were but it look like land and a barn I’m guessing some of my family was there grieving my dad He was inside a moving truck in a bed he was laying down dead and his finger nail, I honestly don’t remember which one I wanna say the thumb was painted black . I was just there next to him crying telling him I love him. I got off the truck still looking at him then I turned to see my family my dad was also there too talking and laughing. I turned again I kept starring at my dad inside the truck and he came back alive, he moved forward I thought he was going to fall but he actually moved him self then he started opening his eyes , his black nail move to a diff finger. I turned around where my family was and my other dad and I said “Papi’s (daddy) alive, papi’s alive. This woman and a girl ranned towards the truck and after that I woke up ! What does this dream mean? It was just weird to me that I had my dad there twice But one of them was dead and came back alive.