Deceased dream meanings

General Meanings:

Need to forget In the dream appears deceased people, they usually refer strong emotions, both positive and negative, that the dreamer has with these people. Mostly these dreams cannot be understood as a senses of guilt or aggression. In this way it is the only one possibility to end the relationship or connection with them that we had while they were alive. The dream indicates that you have to let them out from your life.

Psychological Meanings:

Memories Memories about deceased person can ” be buried” for years in the unconscious, this may be caused because we visited places or remembered about relations that we had with them.

Need of support Who sees a deceased in the dream, expects or looks for adviser which may be helpful and useful in the real life. Such a dream also goes as a sign about the cure of disease or the rescue from danger.

Spiritual Meanings:

If you dream of people who have died, this can point to the connection of your own spirituality with ancestors, which have been forgotten for a long time.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Fulfillment of desires if be between deceased people – You are in the place where you can see deceased people in your dream, then you may expect glad news and the fulfillment of long-cherished hopes. Also the dream marks that that you will get unexpected help or  will rescue from difficult situation.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Satisfaction if see deceased people – If you see deceased people in the dream, then all your hopes will be fulfilled.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Communication if talk about deceased person –  You are talking about deceased person:, then this dream signifies that you will need to communicate with many people.

* Please, see meaning of corpse, death, urn.

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  1. I dreamt my deceased mother was in an abusive relationship with Brock Lesnar but he was an Indian midget in the dream. They had five kids but I knew of only three. We were arguing about her leaving him but she kept saying she loves him, we did eventually. The were so many stuffed toys and their flat was dusty. We went to a cop shop / store to report the crime