Defense dream meanings

General Meanings:

In the dream instinctive wishes are represented as the threat. Mostly the dreamer does not defend himself at all, but thinks of an escape. You can defend yourself only when your conscience is calm. Then he may find the most proper way to defend or to avoid damage.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Support from friends if defend someone – In the dream you legally defend somebody from threat, then this dream denotes that you will get help from your closest friends when you need it most;
  • Trustful friend if be defended – Someone guards or defends you in the dream, then this denotes that you really have got a loyal friend and you can trust him.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Be attentive if defend – When you defend yourself with weapons or words in your dream you will be involved in an unpleasant position, so you have to be observant in order to avoid damage.

* Please, see meaning of court, violence, rape.

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