Demon dream meanings


Image of self-doubt or denial.


What stands between me and my higher consciousness?

General Meanings:

Repressed emotions Demon as a dream symbol may show inner conflict of a man who feels threatened by his repressed needs and desires. Often the dream of demon has a connection with massive guilt, disgust and aggression and anxiety.

Psychological Meanings:

Demons come in a dream before they are either helpful or benign and usually have something sinister in itself. Often this is a picture of conscience or fear of blame. If this dream of demons appear very often and cause fear of the dreamer, so this may indicate a destruction of personality.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Bad life and reputation if resist demon – In the dream you resist a demon, then this indicates reckless life and immorality. For women this dream has very negative meaning this announces bad reputation for her;
  • Warning if see some demons – In the dream appears some demons, then you may expect the attacks of false friends;
  • Destroyed enemies if defeat demon – In the dream you defeat a demon, then this marks that you will thwart your enemies.

* Please, see meaning of monster.

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