Depict dream meanings

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Happy life if depict – This dream announces you prosperity and blessing of children, family growth;
  • Honor if see yourself being depicted – In the dream you are dreaming that you have been depicted, means that you are popular in your environment and you are honorable;
  • Worries if depict others – You are depicting others in your dream, signifies bad business and news, also overreaching when trying to reach your goals;
  • Good sign if see someone else depict – The dream denotes that you will have a new acquaintance which will help you to improve your life conditions or better job position;
  • Growth of property if a landscape or an object – In the dream you are painting a landscape or an object marks that your property will increase.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Long life if depict yourself  – The dream announces you a long life;
  • Warning if another – This is a warning about a sad future, you have to be more careful in accepting important decisions.

* Please, see meaning of image, color, paint, brushes.

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