Descent dream meanings

General Meanings:

Solution of the problem is inside you The dream of a descent down, for example, a mountain, stairs or a ladder, is an indication for the dreamer that the solution of a certain problem is in the unconscious, you can find it in the past or in accomplishment trauma.

Fear of losses The dreamer may fear a loss of status on occupational or social level and nevertheless understands the positive aspects of this loss.

Psychological Meanings:

It is also important how you descent hastily, rushed or easily. In this dream the symbol is more important than the feeling of the place.

Wrong place and negative consequences Who hurries down high stair, possibly was indiscreet and has ventured in an area, which was not determined for him. Now the fear of negative consequences advises to retreat as quickly as possible.

Success and relaxation The cautiously step by step descent through the rock wall is understood: a special achievement brought you to the peak of success. The exhaustion follows the joy now – you can enjoy the end which you reached with your efforts.

Fear of losses (Slip = risk) Descent through a dirty or wet stairs into a dark room (basement) means the loss of benefits, social or social decline – or the fear of it.

Spiritual Meanings:

At the spiritual level, this dream is a symbol of the descent to the underworld, for the pursuit of mystical wisdom, rebirth and immortality.

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