Desert dream meanings


– Iisolation, withdrawal, persistence, endurance.


– Of what I would like to retire or retreat?

In general:

Desert often indicates that you live too sober, factual and reasonable, also the emotional needs are neglected, you feel unhappy. Finally, the desert also indicates deep existential fear and uncertainty. The individual meaning should be obtained from the concrete circumstances of life. If it is a dream, where the dreamer is alone in the desert, so this may be an indication of lack of emotional fulfillment, loneliness, or perhaps isolation. If the dreamer is with a different man in the desert, then this may show, that this relationship is useless and leads nowhere. Another aspect of the desert can be explained by the fact that desert played a major role for many founders of religions: Moses, Jesus. Desert was the place, in which they withdrew to hold direct dialogue with God. So, becaus of that dreaming of a desert could mean also that you will go far away from everything in everyday life. You want to find solitude and contemplation in your inner determination and your own way to God.


In the desert is not growing anything or growing very slow, so this is a dream symbol stands for danger signal. Usually this dream is image of the isolation of the dreamer in the middle of the mass society. Emotional loneliness and psycho-spiritual standstill are often presented with the dream. However, if the dreamer have voluntarily withdrawn into the desert, then there is a temporary, voluntary abstinence, from which will spring new ideas and new energy in life. The ride or walk through the desert in a dream is to point out that dreamer can achieve one goal only after unspeakable hardship or physical effort. The dreamer must be very carefully reconsider his direction of actions, if he wants to survive in current situation.


A desert can symbolize loneliness, but it can also be a place of contemplation, meditation, peace and divine revelation.


– To see desert in dream: announces hard times, when dreamer will fight in many fronts;
– To be in desert: you will feel very abandoned; Also: you will have to significantly reduce your desires and benefits in the future.

– To live in desert: complete emptiness; Also: this dream may be related with power or love, but desert mark it in very bad and pathetic circumstances;
– To look into desert or to see: loneliness and helplessness in the near future;
– To travel in desert: hazards and obstacles; Also: dreamer will miss something very necessary;
– To go through a gloomy & barren desert in dream: promises famine and racial unrest, and loss of life and property;
– To dream desert in bad weather: a particularly unfavorable omen;
– If a young woman is dreaming desert, where she is alone: her health and reputation is at risk by her indiscretion. She should be more careful.

– To live in desert: your desire give you no peace;
– Dreaming, that you are in it: you’re going against heavy sorrows;
– To see or to look into desert from far away point: you will have very soon to leave your environment. Your life was so far without success;
– To see camel in desert: not all can be so good as you are, so you should have mercy on your fellow man;
– To die of thirst in desert: someone will envy to you, because of your luck, but do not listen that evil;
– General: your worries are big, but they will be soon reduced.

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