Desertion dream meanings

General Meanings:

Escape and support The dream of a deserter may indicate that there is a possibility to escape from duties and responsibilities, which are not going well. The deserter helps you in a dream then this dream marks that you can hope for help in a difficult situation.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Coward if see or be deserter – In the dream you see a deserter or you are a deserter then this dream stands for shame, cowardice because you do not have courage to make decisions. Also this announces that you will get a message;
  • Disorder if see many deserters –  In the dream you see lots of deserters then this dream gives you a sign that you will have discontent, strikes at home or at work;
  • Support if help deserter to escape – When you help the deserter to escape from somewhere then this dream denotes that you will be that person who gives help for others in a difficult situation.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • No news if desertion – The dream of desertion announces that probably you will not receive the message that you waited;
  • False friendship if be in desertion – In your dream you are in desertion then this dream marks that your falsehood will be recognized.

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