Destruction dream meanings

Psychological Meanings:

The dream can mean self-destruction. Perhaps something will happen in your life what may make damage or hurt you. Your inner world feels that you destroy something inside you and now you will have consequences.

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  1. Well, part of the dream that involved destructoin started off with my friend and a cartoon picture.

    It was like Calvin and Hobbs. A boy sort of did a pac man, and opened his mouth super wide (in the cartoon on a posterboard) and a large red ball appeared in front of it. He pushed it into his mouth and held it half way there.

    My friend did the same thing in a parking garage. It started to rumble and I could tell what owuld happen. I saw a few people I knew and told them to get out. I ran out with them.

    Then the thing collapsed after my friend released a few explosions from the presumed energy blast he nearly ate. (My friend mimiced the cartoon picture)

    Then he laughed about it, and I said “Neutral evil. Why? Fuck you. That’s why.”

    I dunno what it means. o.o